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Hottest Olympians: Part 2

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Hot Clicks readers keep weighing in on some of the most attractive athletes competing in the 2008 Olympics. Part I can be found here.

I thought Sarah Poncewould fit in well with your attractive Olympian coverage. keep up the good work. -- Pete Riepe, Houston

Beach volleyball cheerleaders video on Relatively hot. -- Garry Amann, Austin, Texas

One TRACK mind indeed: Susanna Kalluris the hottest Olympian... She also took just about the hardest fall I've seen yet in her hurdle event tonight. -- Patrick, Houston

Once again, proving that Swedes are some of the hottest women around, is Susanna Kallur, Swedish hurdler. -- Adam, Pittsburgh

Susanna Kallur is another hot Olympian getting face time this week. I'm sure you can find better photos than these. -- Justin, Albuquerque, N.M.

Hot Female Olympian: Lolo Jones! -- David, Cleveland, Ohio

Cheerleaders of the Beijing Olympics. -- Rocky Dennis, New York City