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Breaking The Rules

We've never featured the same woman in back-to-back weeks at the top of Hot Clicks. And we've never used a black and white photo. The only woman who we'd make an exception for is javelin thrower Leryn Franco, whom we featured in this space last Tuesday. We still don't care about the Olympics, and we still can't figure out the time difference, so she either competed yesterday or today in some event, and she finished next to last. But she'll always be a gold medal winner in our books. Yeah, we went there.

Even When He's Injured, He Manages To Impress

Michael Phelps may have won eight gold medals, but Tiger Woods doesn't want you to forget who really is sports' top dog. How has he done this since he's layed up with an injury? Oh, he just managed to do a little thing like walk on water.

Speaking Of Phelps, Tons Of Phelps Links

We get the impression that saying anything negative about him right now would be akin to murder, but we got a huge kick out of this. (Warning: Link contains strong language.) ... A BBC journalist was mistaken for Phelps in Tiananmen Square. Anarchy ensued. (Thanks to Jeff, of Jacksonville, Fla., for the link.) ... Phelps has shunned Wheaties for Frosted Flakes, and he's taking some heat for it.

Tailgating Tips

Disposable flasks :: Courtesy

With football season getting closer and closer, we have two products you might want to invest in for your tailgating pleasure. First, those things in the photo above are disposable flasks. We especially like the leopard-print one. Second, Brian Donovan, of Baltimore, e-mailed to say, "I got one of these strap handles, use it for tailgating. Check it out. I think anyone who is serious about getting ready for Saturdays and Sundays the right way could benefit from one of these."

Hottest Olympians -- Part 2

On Monday, we wrote about the one-track mind you guys have and put together a file of all the e-mails we've gotten about hot Olympians. Well, the e-mails keep coming, so we've put together Part 2.

He's Only Slumping On The Field

Barry Zito, who once dated Alyssa Milano, may have a new actress girlfriend.

Olympics Links

Top 10 Olympic endorsements. ... In order to get more viewers, Table Tennis officials want female competitors to wear skirts and shirts with "curves." (Thanks to Bryan, of Whittier, Calif., for sending the link.). ... Allen, of Houston, e-mailed this link and the following message: "Not sure if you'll thank me for this or not.

Simpsons Question And List

V-Dogg, of, Waukesha, Wisc., e-mailed to ask, "In keeping with the Olympic spirit, I am looking for a video of Homer Simpson, when in high school, on the gymnastic team doing a floor routine to the song music box dancer. If you find this video and post it, I think it would be a lot of fun." Can anyone track this down? Meanwhile, Sarah, of Auburn, Calif., e-mailed to say, "Who doesn't love The Simpsons? Check out the Five Most UnderratedSimpsons Characters on!

Campus Clicks

Beer cans

University presidents want drinking age lowered ... "Comparing college football teams to ______" roundup ... Meet Nick Pounder ... Pete Carroll's jam seassion. ... Video: Lauer and Roker in spandex.

Fresh Material Facebook

For news about Olympic athletes who have posed for Playboy and a list of the most absurd movie sex scenes, check out our Hot Clicks Facebook group page.

Sports Video Of The Day

Via comes the 20 most memorable Olympic gymnastics falls.

We Are The World Video Of The Day

For those of us obsessed with all things '80s, this is pretty much the greatest thing ever. (Thanks to JPL, of Oak Park, Ill., for sending us the link.)

Ridiculous Stunt Video Of The Day

Mick Foley would be proud.

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