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Ranking Kentucky's Hottest Athletes: Campus Clicks

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Wild, Catty Ladies

The regular Ashley Judd, the UK superfan Ashley Judd. :: Frederick M. Brown, Andy Lyons/Getty Images

It was exhausting, grueling work (not), but after days of thorough research, UK Wildcat Country has ranked the hottest female Kentucky athletes for the 2008-2009 school year. Remember, Kentucky is a place where "it's sometimes difficult just to walk to class" because there are so many distractingly attractive co-eds all around, so UKWC had a quality pool from which to pick. We have to ask: how do these ladies compare to UK's most smokin' superfan, Ashley Judd?

Turning of the Tide

The Wiz of Odds (formerly known as The Wizards of Odds ... three cheers for brevity) has gotten wind of some pretty suspicious goings-on down in Alabama. We won't go into too much detail here, but let's just say the word "brainwashing" was thrown around.

Beijing Gets Nutty

If you think the lovable Houston Nutt has been busy getting his players ready to take on their foes this season, then you haven't been paying close enough attention to the Olympics coverage.

Will We See Carlson vs. Gundy, '08?

Carlson and Gundy probably won't have another legendary showdown this year. :: AP : Jeff Johnson/Icon SMI

At long last, Busted Coverage is here with its college football preview, and it focuses on one thing and one thing only: Jenni Carlson. Things you need to know: Carlson's lost weight. Carlson's got a vote at Heisman Pundit. Carlson getting verbally berated by Mike Gundy last season is still one of the biggest viral sports moments in history.

Well I'll be Darned

Sometimes it's just not your day, even if you're a powerhouse program with an abundance of recent success and high expectations. Bleacher Report's got a list of 12 such college football teams from the last half-century who received unexpected, but severe, whippings.

The Intern Horror Show

Summer's winding down, which means it's finally time to wrap up that internship and head back to the land of late wake-ups, frequent parties and random games of ultimate Frisbee (also known as college). No matter how good or bad you're feeling about your summer of institutionally-supported slave-labor, you'll feel better about it after reading these internship horror stories (because we all know there's nothing like another person's pain to make us feel better about our own lives).

Add a Spitz 'Stache

Michael Phelps' other-worldly performance in Beijing earned him his sixth career SI cover, but M Victors has a suggestion for a creative improvement to the latest cover shot.

Don't Plagiarize...

Otherwise your study abroad program will abandon you in Greece.

Pop Culture Nugget

Be honest, you think cartoons are hot. But have you ever tried to figure out which lovely leading lady would play which animated looker if every cartoon were made into a live-action series?

Today In Hot Clicks

Margherita Granbassi :: Vittorio Zunino Celotto

The 50 hottest Olympians of 2008 ... More Franco ... The 20 funniest (or dumbest) athlete quotes ... All Tecmo Team ... NFL billboards ... Pep talks ... Video: Exhausted athlete interviews.

Odds and Ends

Oklahoma State's athletic department is short on cash ... Don't shoot BB guns out of your dorm window, especially if you want to play basketball for the Jayhawks ... Some students are becoming "textually active" with Barack Obama ... The stars who inspire Olympians.

The Big East Hot Seat

Job insecurity is no joke -- except here.

Dancing Madman Gets KO'ed

This is why you don't showboat.

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