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Two different kinds of photos to check: Hot Clicks

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Recent Hot Clicks 8-22-08: Jessica Simpson Vs. Carrie Underwood -- It's On! 8-21-08: The 50 hottest Olympians of 2008 8-20-08: Checking in with the hottest Olympian, Leryn Franco 8-19-08: Dolphins cheerleaders make a calendar 8-18-08: Sports radio station knows Marketing 101 8-15-08: Top 10 NFL cheerleading squads 8-14-08: Making amends with Minka Kelly fans 8-13-08: Most attractive women who have talent 8-12-08: Leryn Franco is hands down the hottest Olympian 8-11-08: Ryan Braun teams up with Marisa Miller

Two Kinds Of Must-See Pics

Shenae Grimes, Jessica Stroup :: Getty Images

We were e-mailed a link to this piece on, titled Seven Movies to Come Out of the Olympics, and as usual the site did an excellent job with the Photoshopped movie posters. However, when we were over there, we found something that was of WAY more interest to us, Three Great Reasons to Watch the New 90210 Series. Two of the reasons are shown above. And since the new 90210 starts a week from tomorrow, here's our all-time favorite moment from the show.

Wearing Fuzzy Suits = Irritability

Jack, of San Francisco, writes, "Sports mascots are an interesting breed. Can you believe that some of them have shady pasts? Here are Six Heinous Criminal Acts From the World of Sports Mascots." (Warning: Link contains strong language.)

Signs, Signs, Everywhere's A Sign

A Pittsburgh bar doesn't know the difference between "your" and "you're." But that's not as good as a Wisconsin church taking a shot at Brett Favre. And neither of those are as good as this hysterical video. (Warning: Link contains strong language.)

Run, Usain, Run

Chariots of Fire imagines how 12 movies would be made better by having Usain Bolt in them.

You Guys Really Know Your Tailgating Products

Even more suggestions for those of you hitting the stadiums in the upcoming months. To piggy back on Friday's items, Anthony, of Toronto, and Dave, of San Diego, want you to know about the Beer Belly. Brian Brodeur, of San Diego sends in, which sells a pair of binoculars that are unlike any you've seen before. Kevan, of Austin, Texas, enjoys the Cruzin' Cooler -- and apparently, so does Ellen DeGeneres. Matt, of Fayetteville, Ark., says "Check out the "beer belly" and the "wine rack" from this site." And for those of you rollin' in dough, Matthew Krol, of Elburn, Ill., suggests the Grill N Chill.

Simpsons Follow Up

Last Wednesday, we told you about V-Dogg, of, Waukesha, Wisc., who e-mailed to ask, "In keeping with the Olympic spirit, I am looking for a video of Homer Simpson, when in high school, on the gymnastic team doing a floor routine to the song Music Box Dancer." Kevin, of Fort Collins, Colo,. and Dan Reiling, ofColorado Springs, Colo., have come through with the entire episode, and Dan says the gymnastics portion starts at the 9:45 mark. Give it up for Dan and Kevin!

Campus Clicks

The Girls Next Door :: Getty Images

Recapping Playboy's All-American party ... College Football Fan's To Do List For Opening Weekend ... Coaches bracket down to Final Four. ... Cal Poly hoops prospect robs banks ... Video: Usain parody.

Banned Commercial On Facebook

For an ad too hot for TV, check out our Hot Clicks Facebook group page.

Sports Video Of The Day

A new compilation of baseball fights, with Green Day playing in the background. (Warning: Link contains strong language.)

Things You Don't Say To Your Wife

We're staying with the Green Day theme.

Things You Don't Say To Your Wife - Watch more free videos

Classic Video Of The Day

The U.S. Open kicks off today and we want to remind everyone that they should be rooting hard against Novak Djokovic, since he's supposedly datingLeryn Franco. But here's a great video of Djokovic, before we hated him, imitating various players.

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