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Get to know the NFL's hottest dancers: Hot Clicks

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It's Preview Time

Lilly Robbins :: Courtesy

College football kicks off Thursday, the NFL begins a week from then. We've had one fantasy draft already (our friend, PT was dumb enough to pass on Adrian Peterson at No. 2, so he fell into our lap). We're in the middle of the draft ('sAndrew Perloff was the idiot who tried to draft someone who was already off the board.) And we've made sure our "online account" is all ready, if you know what we mean. But we still have some things to scout before the 2008 campaign kicks off. First up, is's 2008 NFL Pom Profiles. The site is introducing us to five of the finest cheerleaders, including the Dolphins' Lilly Robbins, who says she once had a fan ask her for another cheerleader's game-worn socks.

Football's Finest And Not-So-Finest preps for the NFL season by giving its take on the best and worst player from each team, both currently and all time. We hope the site is prepared for the onslaught of comments that are about to come its way.

Misery Loves Company

Thanks to, we now present the five worst dunks ever, but we also give you the five stupidest goals ever.

R.I.P., Roddick

The Undertaker :: Getty Images

The Undertakerhas had enough ofAndy Roddick's tantrums. (Thanks to Mike H., owner of this blog, for the link.)

We Stand Corrected

If you've read Hot Clicks the last couple of days, you'll understand this savvy e-mail from Michael Szwaja, of Elk Grove Village, Ill.: "I don't know why you're leading the campaign to root against Novak Djokovic in the U.S. Open. The further Djokovic goes in the tournament, the more camera time for Leryn in the stands. Come on, was there a better reason to root for Pete Sampras than to catch a glimpse of this?" Michael, you're right. Go Novak!!!!!

Thank God We Don't Own A Bluetooth Or Crocs

That's So Fetch comes up with a solid list of the Top 10 chick repellent items of 2008.

Campus Clicks

Animal House, Bob Marley ::

28 most cliché dorm room posters ... What is Neuheisel pointing at ... Oddest rivalry trophies. ... Best things about college football ... Video: Another Phelpsian Eating Challenge.

Banned Commercial On Facebook

For an ad too hot for TV, check out our Hot Clicks Facebook group page.

Sports Video Of The Day

Since we mentioned fantasy football at the top, here are six rules for draft success.

Things You Don't Say To Your Wife

At least a dozen of you sent us this video of a weatherman and his stalker fan.

Psycho Weatherman Fan Won't Go Away - Watch more free videos

Classic Video Of The Day

It was just one year ago that Soulja Boy dominated the blogosphere. We figured this video would be a good way to mark the anniversary.

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