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News on Decker, Franco and Simpson: Hot Clicks

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Recent Hot Clicks 8-27-08: Lindsay Lohan likes Kyle Orton 8-26-08: Get to know the NFL's hottest cheerleaders 8-25-08: Two different kinds of must-see pics 8-22-08: Jessica Simpson Vs. Carrie Underwood -- It's On! 8-21-08: The 50 hottest Olympians of 2008 8-20-08: Checking in with the hottest Olympian, Leryn Franco 8-19-08: Dolphins cheerleaders make a calendar 8-18-08: Sports radio station knows Marketing 101 8-15-08: Top 10 NFL cheerleading squads 8-14-08: Making amends with Minka Kelly fans

Lucky Tennis Players

Brooklyn Decker :: Pamela Hanson/SI

We're not gonna lie to you. The item under this one is the news we really wanted to lead with, but we're sick of using Jessica Simpson photos. Instead, we went with SI Swimsuit model Brookyn Decker. Why? One, she recently told a colleague that she loves Extra Mustard. Two, we feel bad for With Leather, which is having a difficult time dealing with the fact that Decker will soon marry Andy Roddick. Speaking of couples consisting of a male tennis player and a ridiculously hot female, the New York Post tells us that Leryn Francois indeed in New York to cheer on boyfriend Novak Djokovic at the U.S. Open. (Franco coverage can be found here, here and here.) Who's got a ticket for me?

Jessica Simpson Pumps Up The Cowboys

OK, now for the real good stuff. People has Jessica Simpson on the cover of this week's issue. The interview is filled with the usual cookie-cutter comments about Tony Romo (He's her "perfect guy." He's "the love of her life," etc., etc.) But here are the real gems from the story. One, Simpson changed her cell phone number and e-mail address "to cut off any potential communication from her exes." The second item comes from the magazine story and isn't found in the online version. Simpson co-wrote a song for Romo titled, You're My Sunday -- and she said he recently played it for his teammates to -- as he told her -- "get 'em pumped up." Yup, we'll be betting against the Cowboys every week this season.

Sign Up For This

Hugging Harold Reynolds is celebrating some of the most recognizable signage genres in sports and the superfans who wave them. (Warning: Link contains strong language.)

No Soup Commercials For You!

Campbell's Soup recently announced that it won't be doing anymore of those commercials with NFL players and their moms. Bugs & Cranks, however, thinks Campbell's should reach out to some baseball players who have obvious ties to a variety of soup flavors.

From The Gridiron To The Squared Circle

Bill Goldberg

The Love of NFL somehow has put together a list of the Top 10 Pro Football Players Turned Wrestlers, and it's quite educational. We had no idea Lex Luger was once on the Packers.

Maybe The Chiefs Will Sign Him

First, we had a 9-year-old who was kicked out of Little League for being too good, and now comes this 13-year-old who recently booted a 45-yard-field goal at Steelers camp. Granted, there was no rush, but it's still impressive. And if you don't get the headline, check out this nonsense.

Obama And Sports

The Democratic convention has inspired to examine Barack Obama's top 10 sports-related moments. Somehow, this was left off the list.

AutoDraft = The Devil

NFL Juice was kind enough to ask us to join Chris Cooley 47, Awful Announcing, The Big Lead, Busted Coverage, The Dirty, Deadspin, Tailgating Ideas and The Hazean in a fantasy football blogger league and the draft was last night. Now, I know nobody cares about stories from other people's fantasy leagues, but think of this as a lesson, not a story. If you can't do your draft live (and, quite frankly, there's no excuse for that), you better set up your AutoDraft lists. Tailgating Ideas did not do this. (Here is his explanation.) Here were its picks from Round 10 to 14: Billy Volek, Matt Gutierrez, Matt Cassel, J.T. O'Sullivan and Bruce Gradkowski. Seriously.

The World Needs To Watch Chuck Bass

Sure, the ratings say nobody watchesGossip Girl, but we don't care. If you liked 90210 and The OC, you would like Gossip Girl. And if you don't believe us, let the Angry T explain why you should watch the show this coming Monday.

Campus Clicks

Britnay Raymond, Tim Tebow: Bruce Yeung: John Biever/SI

Seven reasons to tailgate at Florida ... Top 10 top 10 lists ... Get your Tressel sweater vest ... Ode to delusional fans ... Video: Ball to the face.

Facebook Items

Kate Beckinsale fans will want to check out our Hot Clicks Facebook group page. We also have an item about celebrity fights we'd like to see.

Sports Video Of The Day

Ben Plummer, of Atlanta, says, "Check out the video of the goalie from the LSU women's team scoring a goal from 90 yards away ... and this isn't fake like Kobe jumpin' over a car.

Misheard Lyrics Video Of The Day

It's been a while since we featured some misheard lyrics. And we figured Blinded By the Light would work since they probably have the most misunderstood lyric in history. (Warning: Link contains strong language.)

Pool Jump Video Of The Day

This would be a solid way to kick off Labor Day weekend.

Epic Balcony Leap Into Pool - Watch more free videos

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