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Seven Reasons to Watch the Gators: Campus Clicks

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Tailgate Nation Loves The Gators

Britany and Tim Tebow are two reasons to watch the Gators. :: Courtesy of Bruce Yeung: John Biever/SI

Britany (for the guys) and Tim Tebow (for the ladies ... and for the guys, most of whom probably have a man-crush on Mr. Heisman) are reason enough to watch the Gators this year, but just in case you need a little more incentive, Uncoached has seven reasons to drive the tailgating-mobile down to Gainesville this fall.

The Top 10 Top 10 Lists

Now that college football's about to start, your time is at a premium. So, many thanks to OTR for facilitating some one-stop shopping and putting together a list of the top 10 top 10 lists for the upcoming season. Random mascots, games to watch, hideous uniforms ... it's all here.

Dress Like Jim

Ohio State fans, prepared to be thrilled: Now you can buy your very own Jim Tressel-esque sweater vest. We can only hope OSU co-eds will adopt this as the new student-section shirt.

I Love You, "That Guy"

Body-painters, Bleacher Report loves you. :: AP

It's not often that a guy calls someone "subhuman" and then confesses his love for that same person, but that's just what Ben from Bleacher Report did today in his ode to delusional college football fans. Beneath all the penetrating observations and biting insults about body paint and attempted football analysis, this really is deeply touching prose.

Tiger in the City (Redux)

Last November, SIOC brought you the tale of a Missouri fan living in NYC. Throughout his life, it had always been Michigan-this, Michigan-that. Now, with his team a preseason contender for the first time in his life, he's dealing with a new kind of problem: coverage. Change can be hard, kids.

A Money-Back Guarantee

We sure hope you're not expecting much out of your football team this year, Stanford fans. Clearly your school isn't, since it's offering the "Gridiron Guarantee," which promises family plan-purchasers their money back if they're not satisfied with the "entertainment value" on the field this season.

Try Some Golf, Ty

That's The Big Lead's recommendation for coach Willingham, anyway. Then maybe he wouldn't be so uptight about letting his players' dads into practice.

Let the Ranking Begin

The season-ending injury to starting left tackle Trinton Sturdivant may have dropped Georgia to No. 3 in Stewart Mandel's first college football power rankings for 2008, but UWire's still got nothing but love for the Dawgs.

Pop Culture Nugget

With the new 90210 premiering shortly, there's no time like the present to rake-up some 90210dirt from the past.

Today In Hot Clicks

Brooklyn Decker :: Pamela Hanson/SI

News on Brooklyn,Leryn and Jessica Simpson ... Celebrating recognizable sports signs ... NFLers turned wrestlers ... Beware of autodraft ... Video: Amazing soccer goal ... Misheard lyrics.

Odds and Ends

Xavier Henrywill be a Tiger ... Get rewarded for being outrageous ... No kegs for you, Nevada students ... South Carolina can't wait for Erin Andrews to show up at a game this year.

Das Boot

LSU goalkeeper Mo Isom scored on a kick from her own goal Monday night against BYU. That's a 90-yarder, for those calculating at home.

Ball to the Face

If you're playing baseball with trash cans and massive exercise balls, stand further away from the batter. Just a tip.

Exercise Ball To The Face - Watch more free videos

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