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Fine Fifty

Deborah Salavaggio :: Vittorio Zunino Celotto/Getty Images

Our friend Drill mentioned to us last week that we haven't had anything about WAGs in Hot Clicks lately. Drill's wife is about to give birth any day now, so we understand his burning to desire to see the best ladies Europe has to offer. Well, right on cue, this feature on the 50 hottest WAGs of 2008 landed in our inbox yesterday morning. And we'll be honest -- the photo above is Debora Salvalaggio and we have no idea who she is. We just know that she came in at No. 50.

Help A Hot Clicks Reader

Back in May, we told you about a contest in which you could win a phone call from Anna Kournikova. Well, a Hot Clicks reader came out victorious. Greg M., of Key Largo, Fla. writes, "Remember that 'Win a call from Anna K' contest? I won it. Now I need Hot Clicks' help in coming up with stuff to talk to her for 15 minutes about. Personal life is off limits and that goes for inappropriate comments. Details are here." So if you'd like to help Greg out and give him some questions for our favorite tennis player of all time, e-mail him here. Speaking of attractive athletes you can speak to, golfer Anna Rawsonapparently gives out her cell phone number on her Web site. (Thanks to Andrew, of Germantown, Md., for sending us the link.)

Jacked Up!

Where's Ubaldo has found the 13 biggest football hits ever. (Thanks to Matt, of Chicago, for sending us the link.)

Calling It Like We See It

Al Michaels :: Vince Bucci/Getty Images

The Love of Sports gives us its list -- and YouTubes -- of the 10 greatest sports calls ever. Al Michaels' "Do you believe in miracles" comes in at No. 2. We've always thought that call was overrated. It's not even the best call of Michaels' long career. This is.

Speaking Of Broadcasters...

It's been a while since we've mentioned Erin Andrews, so let's catch up. CB, of Dallas, sent us this link to five questions with Erin Andrews, which features a great photo, too. Steve, of Pa., writes, "I know you love keeping tabs on Erin Andrews, so I don't know if you caught the Fresno State-Rutgers game on ESPN today, but it seems Rutgers fans were VERY disappointed in having to seeRob Stone instead of Erin." And Sean Joseph, of Fort Lauderdale, Fla., writes "I know you're tight with Erin Andrews. Can you get her entire 2008 college football schedule for her so we can set out DVRs in advance?" We're all for stalking -- to a point -- but this would be going too far. We did, however, chat with Erin yesterday and she gave us some good news. She'll be working the sidelines for ABC's Saturday night primetime game the next three weeks. So, Sean, you can at least set your DVR for those games.

So Many Fantasies

If you're like us, and fell into the trap of doing more fantasy football leagues than you wanted to, you'll appreciate this article from Steady Burn. Speaking of fantasy football, The Hazean wants you to vote on the best team name for the 2008 season. We voted for "My Vick In a Box."

Question Of The Day

Rumors and Rants knows just what buttons to push in order to get linked in Hot Clicks. It's asking a very simple question today:Gossip Girls' Leighton Meester or Friday Night Lights' Minka Kelly? Granted, Meester looked as good as ever on Monday night's premiere episode, but it's really no contest. After all, Minka had the honor of Hot Clicks dedicating an entire photo gallery to her.

E-Mail Of The Day

Alex, of Philly, writes, "Jimmy, what are the top five movie characters of all-time? 1) Shooter McGavin 2)? 3)? 4)? 5)." Apparently, Alex wants us to fill in the rest. We won't comment on him putting Shooter at No. 1, but we'll play along anyway. No. 2) Borat Sagdiyev; 3) Steve Stifler; 4) Tommy from Goodfellas; 5) Jenna Jameson played by Jenna Jameson in Howard Stern's Private Parts. We're not allowed to link to a clip of that one. And all the other links contain strong language, so be warned.

Campus Clicks

Paris Hilton, Shun White and Shaun White :: Charley Gallay/Getty Images, AP

College Football's All-Paris Hilton Team: Week 1 Edition ... Love for college football's bad teams ... Science proves watching sports is good for you ... Tips for being a good intern ... Video: 911 problem.

Facebook Items

Join our Facebook group for links and photos that don't make Hot Clicks. Up now is a look at the hottest fans of college football.

Sports Video Of The Day

Not a good job by the catcher. (Thanks to Drew, of Washington, for sending us the link.)

Horse Video Of The Day

This horse must be a huge Shawn Michaelsfan.

Horse Gets Tired Of Annoying Owner - Watch more free videos

Banned Commercial Of The Day

Here's an interesting way to come away with an inheritance.

Banned Commercial - Click here for another funny movie.

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