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Ricky Goes Back to School

Ricky Williams didn't get his degree while at Texas. :: Walter Iooss Jr./SI (grad cap added by SIOC)

There's one thing Ricky Williams got while in college (a Heisman Trophy) and one thing he didn't (a degree). Now, the Dolphins' RB has enrolled at Nova Southeastern University to rectify that fact. The Big Picture has quite an amusing breakdown of Ricky's return to the world of higher education, including info on his course load (pre-algebra and writing) and his future ambitions (med-school, here he comes). Let the medical marijuana jokes begin.

Dear Big Play

Sometimes, it takes a carefully worded letter (or text, or IM) to bring back the loved ones who have disappeared from our lives. That's why USC senior Joe Turner decided to put keyboard to finger (remember when the phrase used to be "put pen to paper"?) to try to bring The Big Play back to USC. It's been gone for two years and things in SoCal just haven't been the same.

Ready, Set, Type

Attention, amateur and semi-pro scribes alike: Sharpen those analytical and composition skills, because Bleacher Report has announced a season-long competition to see who can write the best college-football articles for the site. There's more to be gained than just pride and a loyal BR-commenter following, though. The winner gets an all expenses paid trip to Miami to cover the BCS championship game.

Cheer, March, Paint and be Merry

Red Raiders fans aren't afraid to apply copious amounts of body paint. :: Bob Rosato/SI

Now that college football's here, bloggers have almost limitless post-fodder. But guys like Nat from Uncoached won't be bothered with trivial things like BCS-busters and Heisman hopefuls, not when there are blurbs to write and photos to find for posts on Texas Tech's fans and marching band, at least. We're not sure what looks more uncomfortable, the hairline-to-waist body paint, or the matador-esque band outfits.

Chatting With R-Rod's Basher

Detroit Free Press columnist Michael Rosenberg hasn't been Rich Rodriguez's biggest fan. After Michigan's opening-weekend loss to Utah, MVictors sat down with the man who's called Rodriquez "bullheaded" and "a serial job shopper" to get more insight into his opinions and to see if they've changed. (Hint: they haven't.)

Speaking of Disappointing Coaches...

The Big Lead did some digging, and Tennessee fans are already calling for Phil Fulmer's head (and attacking his body-type) after the Vols' Monday night loss to a "rebuilding" UCLA.

Dumb Arrest of the Day

Here's a tip for Skidmore students and college kids everywhere: If you're caught drinking underage, breaking the cop's ribs is probably not the best idea.

Here Comes Mini Me

These are words we hoped we'd never have to type, but alas, 'tis the nature of things: The next Ann Coulter has emerged. The aforementioned A.C. Version 2.0 is still a college student, and she's written an article called College Classes for Conservatives to Avoid.

Pop Culture Nugget

Watch the Entourage premiere, then grab a flight to Vegas on Entourage Air.

Today In Hot Clicks

Kim Kardashian :: Noel Vasquez/Getty Images

Addressing an NFL problem ... Name That QB ... You must watch Chris Cooley's fantasy draft ... Bell-Johnson saga ... NFL predictions using Lost ... Video: Newman on roller coaster ... Bad dive.

Odds and Ends

The skydivers who landed in Duke's stadium instead of UNC's have vowed to get it right if given another chance ... Two UK students and the student newspaper's photo adviser were arrested for trying to photograph a protest at the Republican National Convention ... UNC doesn't want its logo on Victoria's Secret merchandise ... At least the ACC isn't in denial.

Bust a Vol

Why limit yourself to Rocky Top when you've got sick moves like these.

Driver Narrowly Avoids Death

It's times like this when the phrase "natural selection" comes to mind.

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