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Kickoff Time

Kim Kardashian :: Noel Vasquez/Getty Images

While all of us are pumped up for the start of the NFL season tonight, the Legend of Cecilio Guante is more concerned with a legitimate problem. The site recently scoured the Internet looking for photos of attractive women in NFL jerseys. However, it couldn't find any. We did a search as well, and this shot of Kim Kardashian in a Reggie Bush jersey and not much else was the only thing we came across. So the Legend is asking for your help in righting this wrong.

Coolest. Draft. Ever.

There are so many unbelievably awesome things about this video ofChris Cooley and his Redskins teammates doing a fantasy football draft that we don't even know where to begin. From Cooley berating the guys because they don't know how to play fantasy football, to the constant picking of players who have already been drafted, to someone saying Matt Ryan is nothing but a pair of shoes, it's all gold. These seven minutes are better than anything that's been on Hard Knocks this season.

Bellsy Move

We're a day late on this, but we wanted to say that the Tatum Bell/Rudi Johnson story is one of the greatest we've ever heard. Read this recap from Deadspin, and then make sure you check out this great follow up by the Angry T.

Get Lost is offering up 2008 season predictions for each NFL team -- by using Lost characters.

And Isn't It Ironic...

David Duchovny, Jenna Jameson :: Jimmy Traina/SI

As you probably know by know, David Duchovnyhas entered rehab for a sex addiction. The X-Files star reportedly is addicted to online porn, just like our friend Hoof. We're not gonna make any jokes about Duchovny because addiction is a serious matter (by the way, we'll be taking the Giants -4 against the Redskins tonight). But when we saw these two billboards side-by-side on 48th and 7th in midtown Manhattan last night, we couldn't help but get out the cellphone and take this picture for all of you to see.

Hel Of A Schedule

We try to stay away from doing college-related items because that's the domain of Mallory Rubin and Campus Clicks (We strongly recommend you click that link and watch the first video of the day). But we couldn't pass up the chance to link to the coolest schedule you'll ever see. (Thanks to Michael, Long Beach, Calif., for sending us the link.)

Quiz Time

How many of the 32 opening-weekend starting QBs you can name?

E-Mail Of The Day

Mike, of Columbia, S.C., writes "I know you typically don't get political, and I have not found the photos compared to each other yet. But is it me, or does McCain's VP pick Palin look identical to the stripper/teacher from Varsity Blues? I can't find a picture of the teacher, Tonie Perensky, while in character in Varsity Blues, but they look identical if my memory serves me correctly. Please compare the two, plus it gives you a reason to use the whipped cream bikini as a photo, as well." Since McCain announced Palin as his VP pick on Friday, we've been trying to figure out who she reminds us of. We know everyone is saying Tina Fey, but we agree with Mike 100 percent. She totally looks like Mrs. Davis. Unfortunately, we couldn't find a "safe to use" photo from her scene in Varsity Blues, but if you're savvy enough, you can come across it with a simple Google Images search. (Update: 11:32 a.m.: Hot Clicks readers come through again. While this isn't a shot from the movie, Evldave, of Vancouver, Wash., comes through with this.)

Campus Clicks

Ricky Williams :: Walter Iooss Jr./SI

Ricky Williams returns to college ... USC player writes a letter to The Big Play ... Tennessee fans already calling for Fulmer's head ... Video: Dancing Vols fan.

Facebook Items

Join our Facebook group for links and photos that don't make Hot Clicks. Up now is a look at the hottest fans of college football.

Sports Video Of The Day

Via AOL Fanhouse comes this OUTSTANDING video of Cowboys defensive back Terence Newman riding a roller coaster -- and freaking the hell out. (Update: If the video is not there for you, click here.)

Diving Video Of The Day

Folks, when you dive into water, please make sure it's not frozen.

See more funny videos at Funny or Die

Brent Musburger Video Of The Day

Since it is the opening day of the NFL season, we wanted to remember the greatest sports theme song and the greatest pregame show opener -- "You are looking live..." However, you'll have to wait until the two-minute mark for things to get good.

Classic Video Of The Day

Let's hope all NFL players watch this so they can prevent making the same mistake during the 2008 season. (Thanks to Greg, of Winnipeg, for sending us the link.)

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