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Sweet Ana

Ana Ivanovic :: Courtesy of FHM

Forget Roger Federer's 13th Grand Slam. The biggest winner in the tennis world is Ana Ivanovic, who became the latest celebrity to appear on a "Got Milk" poster (though we'd prefer this poster). Either way, we at Hot Clicks are just happy to promote women's tennis, any way we can.

Nature Boy's Woes

We have always loved wrestling legend Ric Flair -- mostly for his incredible promos -- but this story doesn't cast the Nature Boy in the best light. Flair's 21-year-old daughter, Ashley, was tased by Chapel Hill police after allegedly going ballistic on her dad ... and then a police officer.

Bad Fan of the Week

Brett Favre's name is a confusing one -- both to spell and pronounce -- but at this point, it's a complete embarrassment for any Green Bay fan to mess it up like this one did.

In Case You Missed the MTV Awards

Between the Colts-Bears, the Hamels-Santana duel and the premiere of Entourage, there wasn't much time to flip around the cable dial. So in case you missed Sunday night's MTV Awards, Best Week Ever has poked fun at just about everyone who attended.

Go-Away Team

Barry Zito :: Greg Foster/SI

With Josh Hamilton a shoe-in to win this year's Comeback of the Year Award, The Angry T takes a look at some MLB players who should just go away, headlined by everyone's favorite $18 million pitcher/guitar hero, Barry Zito.

Erin Andrews Update

We still think NESN's Heidi Watney puts Erin Andrews to shame, but we do like the way Andrews flipped off a big crowd of Miami fans at Saturday's Hurricanes-Gators matchup at The Swamp.

Sports Injuries That Made us Smile

Is it OK to smile at someone else's misfortune? Hell yes. Especially if it's Jose Canseco convincing his manager he can pitch, then injuring his arm so badly that he needed Tommy John surgery.

Random Stories We Found Amusing

Troy Aikman had a hell of a mullet back in the early '90s ... We don't know much about MMA, but here is a list of how much each fighter was paid for participating in UFC 88 ... Here are the NHL's best faceoff men ... Greek Rural Postmen and Their Cancellation Numbers won an award for having the oddest book title of the past 30 years ... Two sumo wrestlers were suspended for smoking pot.

One Jim Zorn Fan

I'm pretty confident my high school team could've beaten the Redskins on Thursday, but that hasn't deterred some Washington fans from throwing their support behind head coach Jim Zorn.

World's Wackiest Coffins

If you're gonna go out, go out in style.

Campus Clicks

Lindsay Lohan and Jennifer Aniston:: Mark Mainz/Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

Li-Lo helps shed light on the ACC's football woes ... The cheerleader-and-mascot-rental market ... Move over Madden and SI, here's the Adidas curse ... David Hasselhoff goes insane for UA football.

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Greg Oden Video Of The Day

In case you haven't noticed, Greg Oden is pretty much the most entertaining athlete in pro sports these days (although he has yet to actually play in the NBA). And this video proves it.

Wrestler on Food Network Video Of The Day

The newest judge of Iron Chef America -- Batista!

Batista on "Iron Chef America"

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