Pac-10 Officials, Beware: Campus Clicks

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Beware the Ideas of September

Officials, look out. :: J.P. Wilson/Icon SMI : David E. Klutho/SI : John Froschauer/Icon SMI

There are lots of places we'd like to be this Saturday, but Seattle isn't one of them. Not when Washington and Oklahoma, two teams with big bones to pick with Pac-10 officials, are facing-off. Here's a novel musing: Maybe both teams will unite behind their mutual hatred of officiating crews and instead of a blood bath, we'll see a love fest. Stranger things have happened on The Ides.

Would You Make the Trade?

We're so glad reporters are allowed to phone-in to press conferences. If they had to report in person, they couldn't accidentally dial-up a phone-sex line while trying to talk to George O'Leary (as happened last week), and they certainly couldn't ask Pete Carroll if he'd ever reward his players with sex with the Jonas Brothers, or if he'd ever trade in his Trojan men for some Trojan condoms (as happened Tuesday).

Meet your UF Playmate

Florida students have it so good. They get to watch Mr. Heisman on Saturdays and wear flip flops year-round and now, they get to go to class with a Playboy cover girl. Plus, now they and other SEC students have one more thing to hold over the Big Ten's head: Despite the fact that the college issue, which hits stands tomorrow, features a spread on the girls of the Big Ten, the SEC student landed the cover shot and Playmate of the Month honors.

The Hottest Ticket in Town

This Saturday, you can gawk at Mark Sanchez and Denzel Washington. :: AP

As the cameras scan the field during this Saturday's highly-anticipated USC-OSU matchup, you'll have your choice of tandems to watch: QB Mark Sanchez and RB Joe McKnight or actors Denzel Washington and Jamie Foxx. As many as 200 fans will roam the sidelines during the game, and the LA Times reports the ticket's almost as hot as a Laker's court-side seat.

Going Once...

This is, perhaps, the ultimate proof that everything in our society has become a commodity. A recent Sacramento State grad plans to sell her virginity through an online auction in order to pay off student loans. Guess none of her local Starbucks were hiring baristas.

The Tour Continues

Fact: It's hard to recite the names of all 50 states. It helps if your Mom regularly sings Fifty Nifty United States while driving around town (we know this from personal experience) but even then, it's a challenge. So we could, in theory, forgive Storming the Floor for overlooking a couple locales while delving into each state's basketball history. But when California and Massachusetts are the states in question, it's a little harder.

Dumb Arrest of the Day

This Western Oregon student probably figured fleeing from the cops while intoxicated wasn't going to land him in jail for long enough, so he made his escape in a police cruiser.

The Dorm Evolution

Maybe you love your dorm room, maybe you hate it, but one thing's for sure, you're probably not allowed to crawl out and sit on the window sill.

Pop Culture Nugget

Lauren Conrad's tired of people watching her life. Now she wants them to read about it.

Today In Hot Clicks

Reby Sky :: Courtesy of

We solved last weeks' big NFL problem ... Jonathan Papelbon does Patrick Swayze ... A ton of Tom Brady links ... Cooley cooks ... Video: Unbelievable tackle ... Awful rap.

Odds and Ends

At least one person cares about this weekend's Michigan-Notre Dame match-up ... Oklahoma's cheerleaders got the top grade last weekend ... If you're still looking for a job ... For the third year in a row, Texas leads the nation in merchandise sales.

Hey, Weasel

The Dead Schembechlers are back, and they've got a request for Rich Rodriquez.

Carolina Cops

We've all heard about it, and now here's a brief clip of the alleged police brutality after last Saturday's ECU-WVU game. There doesn't seem to be anything "alleged" about it, really.

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