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Recent Hot Clicks 9-11-08: Reby Sky wears a Giants jersey very well 9-10-08: Erin Andrews will always be No. 1 9-9-08: Ana Ivanoic does "Got Milk" ad 9-8-08: Looking at the positive side of Matt Cassel 9-5-08: NFL cheerleaders vs. NCAA cheerleaders 9-4-08: Addressing a problem with the NFL 9-3-08: Fifty hottest WAGs of 2008 9-2-08: We've got brand new Leryn Franco pics 9-1-08: The Cubs vs. Beverly Hills 90210 8-28-08: News on Brooklyn, Leryn and Jessica Simpson

Sexy Sportscaster Madness

Leanne Tweeden (Getty Images), Lindsay Czarniak (Courtesy of

We're not exactly sure what is going on, but the blogosphere has can't seem to get enough of female sports reporters these days. (OK, we may be guilty of fueling the fire with things like this and this.) Jim Trager, of Boston, e-mailed to say "First a reader, then a Facebook friend and now a submitter! Needed to share this little poll." The poll on is asking you to vote on the hottest female sportscaster. Spike gives you 15 choices. went a little narrower and highlighted the 10 best-looking ESPN reporters., however, went a few steps further than those two sites. It put together, in their words, The Definitive 25 Sexiest Sportscasters in the World.

SI Cover Jinx Gets Some Company

Fan IQ has discovered a new curse in sports.

Stretcher Shenanigans

We're not gonna pretend to know who this is or when it happened or even take the time to find out. All we know is that the people carrying an injured soccer player off the field on a stretcher dropped him. If that's your kind of thing, then watch this. And MOST DEFINITELY, watch this out, too.

Matt Cassel, Welcome To The Big Time

Matt Cassel :: Jim McIsaac/Getty Images

Your first NFL start is almost here, but when you're in the spotlight, there's a price to pay. On the Internet, it usually comes in the form of embarrassing videos in which you're participating in a dance off and signing various songs from boy bands. Speaking of Patriots videos, the Tom Brady stuff continues to roll in. Here's a problem that Brady will face during his time off. ... And here's a not-so-nice spoof using The Brady Bunch theme song.

Tailgating ... Again

We said we were gonna stay away from more tailgating links but we have three good ones for you and it is the weekend, so... Here's a sweatshirt you may want to buy. ... Here are eight Less Obvious Tailgating Essentials. (Thanks to Eric, of Fort Lauderdale, Fla., for the link.) ... And here's a contest in which Eddie George is on a nationwide search to find America's most unique tailgating ritual. The winner and his/her friends will get a VIP tailgating experience at the upcoming Fiesta Bowl.

Random Links is a great site that just compiles photos of people wearing extremely random jerseys ... NFHell previews Week 2 by using pop songs of the '80s. ... We're not even sure how to describe this next story, but we'll try. Aston Villa striker Gabriel "Gabby" Agbonlahor has gotten three women pregnant. All three are pregnant RIGHT NOW.

Time To Trot Out The SNL Lists

Michael Phelps will host this weekend's episode of Saturday Night Live, so that's prompted In Game Now to look back at the best athletes who have hosted the sketch show. The Life of Kings did the same. One athlete on both lists is Peyton Manning, which leads us to, which evaluates the quarterback's all-time comedy moments.

Funny Signs And T-Shirts looks at the funniest T-shirts worn in movies. brings us Sign-unnedo. (Warning: Both links contain strong language.)

Campus Clicks

Will Ferrell, Road Warrior Animal :: AP

Analyzing the off-the-field Ohio St.-USC battle ... Syracuse needs Dennis Quaid ... Big Ten Beauties ... David Pollack update ... Video: What can you do with 280,951 Post-It notes?

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Sports Video Of The Day

Jessica Simpson, lookin' damn good, talked a lot about Tony Romo on last night's Late Show with David Letterman. She discussed their first date, their first kiss and Romo's ability to "always perform well." She also had another Chicken of the Sea moment and asked Dave if a jockstrap was a cup.

Banned Commercial Of The Day

It involves a hot dog wiener.

Grill Video Of The Day

Let this serve as a warning to those of you who want to fancy up the way your mouth looks. (Thanks to Andrew Stack for the link.)

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