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USC-OSU: The Off-field Matchup

Will Ferrell is a USC alum, and The Animal's son plays for OSU. :: AP

Everyone's talking about Saturday's USC-Ohio State matchup. We've gone so far as to title today's Clicks "Campus Clicks: The USC-OSU Edition" because the game seems to be the hot topic on every blog in the universe. And while there's plenty to dissect about the game itself, NextRound thinks the off-the-field battles deserves some serious attention. So forget about comparing a healthy Beanie Wells to Joe McKnight -- let's talk about which school has produced the better comedians, hot actresses, golfers and pro-wrestler dads. And let's throw in the cheerleaders and tailgaters while we're at it. And, for the give-me-sports-news-only among you, let's talk about which school has produced a more impressive pro-roster.

An Express Recipe for Success

The Express' imminent release got the folks at Idiots on Sports thinking: If all the fictional sports figures Dennis Quaid has played were real, could they help the 2008 Orange squad (a squad, remember, that has already been embarrassed by Northwestern and Akron)? The verdict: Putting Breaking Away's Mike in as the assistant strength and conditioning coach and The Rookie's Jimmy Morris in as an academic advisor could make all the difference. While we're talking about The Express, The Daily Orange has a nice piece on how much Ernie Davis' memory has meant to Elmira, NY through the years.

Something's Got to Give

RSW Blog discovered an interesting USC-OSU nugget: Neither team has lost on Saturday night football. The Trojans are 11-0, while the Buckeyes are 4-0. But something's got to give (besides Beanie Wells' muscles, ligaments and bones). That's why Lisa from Bleacher Report came up with 10 things Ohio State can do to get the win. Step one: Get Dr. Lou to predict a Buckeye loss.

Big Ten Beauties

Indiana students and Playmates Kelly, Lauren and Adelaide. :: Courtesy of 'Playboy'

As we've already told you,Playboy's "Girls of the Big Ten" issue hits newsstands today ... with an SEC student gracing the cover. In an effort to ease the Big Ten's potential inferiority complex, OTR put together a list of the 11 hottest Big Ten celebrity alumni. So let's hear it for Dancing with the Stars co-host and Northwester alum Samantha Harris, The Insider host and Penn State alum Lara Spencer ... and for the lovely current Big Ten ladies like Kelly, Lauren and Adelaide.

Can't Take the Bite Out of the Dawg

At Georgia, life was good for David Pollack. He roamed the field crunching oncoming rushers, earned All-America honors and eventually became a first-round draft pick. When a broken neck prematurely ended his football career, Pollack turned his attention to radio and went back to the place where he'd always been top-dawg: Georgia.

A Friend Request Update

Last week, we told you about James Southwick's attempt to get the masses to Facebook his pal and coast guard-trainee Barrett Caldwell. We got an e-mail from James this morning, and it seems you all rose to the occasion. Barrett earned five minutes of online time to get on Facebook and found over 1,400 friend requests and 694 messages waiting for him. Good work, kids.

The Right Way

The National Championship Issue wants you to look smart in front of your friends, so it's put together an amusing and informative flow-chart on how to argue about college football. If this isn't proof that you can rationalize almost anything, we're not sure what is.

Ready, Aim, Fire

Let this be a lesson to any other non-South Carolina students who enter the student union looking to start something with the Gamecocks: You will be pelted with fists and food.

Pop Culture Nugget

Keep your camera away from Kanye West.

Today In Hot Clicks

Leanne Tweeden (Getty Images), Lindsay Czarniak (Courtesy of

The 10, 15 and 25 sexiest sportscasters ... Embarrassing videos of Matt Cassell ... Sports' newest jinx ... Stretcher shenanigans ... Video: Simpson on Romo ... Banned commercial.

Odds and Ends

Another prank question at Pete Carroll's press conference ... Five campus trends to avoid ... The Cal protesters have plead not-guilty to trespassing charges ... Oklahoma's all about wind energy.

The Hurdle (Remix)

Knowshon Moreno's hurdle looked impressive in real-time, but it's even cooler when you see it in slo-mo. From every angle. Multiple-times.

A Sticky Situation

What can you do with 280,951 Post-it notes? Create a massive slinky display, that's what.

EepyBird's Sticky Note experiment from Eepybird on Vimeo.

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