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Recent Hot Clicks 9-19-08: The ladies take over Hot Clicks 9-18-08: Cheerleader quiz, photo gallery 9-17-08: "Inside the NFL" hires a hottie 9-16-08: The most quotable TV quips 9-15-08: We'd like to thank Kirk Ferentz 9-12-08: The 25 sexiest sportscasters 9-11-08: Reby Sky wears a Giants jersey very well 9-10-08: Erin Andrews will always be No. 1 9-9-08: Ana Ivanoic does "Got Milk" ad 9-8-08: Looking at the positive side of Matt Cassel

A Return To Normalcy

Buccaneers cheerleader, Eagles cheerleader :: Gary Bogdon, Simon Bruty/SI

Mark Lock, of Charlotte, N.C., kicks off our week with this e-mail: "Shame on you. Shame, shame, shame. I look forward to Hot Clicks everyday to get a glimpse of some hot chicks and funny stuff. What have you done??? Dude, you put dudes on the top! DUDES -- and on Friday? I'm putting you in Hot Clicks jail. To redeem yourself you must post the hottest pics ever all next week." Apparently Mark did not enjoy last week's photo gallery of the best-looking men in sports, which was compiled from reader e-mail. Now, the last thing I'd want is a trip to jail, but I'm also not sure I can live up to the pressure or producing "the hottest pics ever." But I can give you this link to, which is holding a tournament to figure out who the hottest cheerleader is in the NFL.

Malicious Memories

Fan IQ comes through for many of you by tackling the moments that made Yankee Stadium great -- for Yankees haters.

Bosh Vs. Baron

Chris Bosh and Baron Davis are not battling on the court these days. The duo, who have each provided some comedy via the World Wide Web (Davis here and Bosh here), are now participating in a "funniest skit challenge."

Rising Like The Phoenix

Rays :: Courtesy describes a sports zombie as "an athlete (or organization) who was dead to rights, either by injury, age or general suckiness and then comes back from the dead to make another run at greatness." Here are their top 10 sports zombies, which features some impressive Photoshopping.

Please Disregard This Promo

There is no bigger fan of Friday Night Lights than us. We've written about our love for the show numerous times and we're enormous fans, and not just because ofMinka Kelly. And when we saw that So Much Fun It Hurts had a promo for the upcoming season, which starts Oct. 1 on DIRECTV and then in January on NBC, we got very excited. But then we watched the promo, and all we can say is, what the hell was that? How was that clip supposed to get anyone to watch this tremendous show?

Big Busts

From David Beckham in the U.S. to Dual Threat QBs Revolutionizing the NFL, Pyle of List looks at 12 Events that Failed to Live Up to the Hype.

Where Everybody Knows Your Name

From the Bada Bing to Cheers, remembers TV's greatest hangouts.

Campus Clicks

Georgia fans :: Gary Bogdon/SI

Charlie Weis' strange history with Mich. St. ... What we learned this weekend ... The SEC's big surprise ... Mich. St. models invade Ann Arbor ... Video: Another Moreno Moment.

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Sports Video Of The Day

Pearl Jam's Eddie Vedder has written and recorded a Cubs tribute tune.

Driving Video Of The Day

Listen to this woman, who doesn't realize the truck is being towed, call 911. (Thanks to Justin Wiese, of Indianapolis, for the link.)

The Dumbest Woman On The Highway - Watch more free videos

Commercial Of The Day

Budweiser tackles the issue of streaking.

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