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Rockers, Texts and Dead Zones, Oh My!

USC students Flea and Lil' Romeo. :: Frank Micelotta/Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

USC students probably get sick of sitting next to star athletes, which is why it's a good thing star musicians are invading their lecture halls as well. And we're not just talking about hoopster Lil' Romeo. Red Hot Chili Peppers bassist Michael Balzary (a.k.a Flea) is an "undergraduate visitor" this fall. While we're talking about USC, the 45-year-old rocker and his fellow classmates can now preorder their stadium food via text message -- provided the L.A. Coliseum gets its cell reception back, that is.

Grab Your Undies, Gators

Kids, if you want proof that diction is key when conducting a Google search, just listen to Nat's sad tale. The Uncoached blogger regularly searches for "Undie Run," but rarely other variations thereof, which is why news of Florida's Undie Dash escaped his notice for a week and a half. Fear not, though, the error has been rectified, and an account and pictures from the semi-nude collective scurry are available for your viewing pleasure.

A Wardrobe Malfunction

Horror of horrors: The University of Idaho cheerleaders showed off their midriffs in an attempt to look like other (normal) cheerleading squads! True story. You know what else is true? People freaked, and now the girls have to ditch the skimpy unis for replica football jerseys.

I'm a Bo-liever

All Huskers fans have a favorite Pelini brother. :: Josh Wolfe/Icon SMI

In a segment that would make Kenny Mayne proud, the folks at KETV in Omaha sat down with Carl Pelini, Nebraska's defensive coordinator and head coach Bo Pelini's older brother. If Carl's shoddy propaganda trickles down through the masses, soon we'll all be abandoning our "Bo-lieve" gear for "In Carl We Trust" T-shirts.

A Fake Fulmer Farce

Sometimes creating a fiction is the only way to ease the pain of reality, which probably explains why the folks at Three Strikes and Out penned this lengthy, fake interview with Tennessee coach Phil Fulmer. We're not sure what excuses the real Fulmer has for being 1-2, but fake Fulmer has pretty good ones for losing to Florida at home (it was just a practice game) and for the fans' mass-exodus (the interstate's been a mess lately -- who can blame them for wanting to beat traffic?).

It's About the Ends, Not the Means

Sure, UCLA won't stand a chance against USC on Dec. 6, but that doesn't mean the Bruins and the Pac-10's other subpar teams (read: all teams but USC) can't hurt the Trojans in other ways. The word Monday was that, stellar season or not, the Trojans won't play for the national title because their schedule will simply be too weak when compared to their Big 12 and SEC equivalents.

Dumb Arrest(s) of the Day

We briefly touched on a couple Saturday arrests in yesterday's Clicks, but Boosh magazine's comprehensive wrap-up does a much more thorough job. It was a rough weekend for tailgaters (97 Indiana brat-grillers received citations), Hawkeye football players (but what else is new?) and players with famous dads (we're talking about you, Notre Dame center Mike Golic Jr.).

The Keg-Burglar

What kind of cruel, cold person would steal a keg? Don't say "a thirsty one," because we're talking about a stuffed keg.

Pop Culture Nugget

If you're looking for some new iTunes tracks but need inspiration, check out EW's list of the 15 shows where music matters.

Today In Hot Clicks

Carmella Garcia :: Marlena Bielinska/SI

History of mediocre NFL players and Playmates ... NBA players as legendary classic rock stars ... Jeter and Minka ... Roenick talks Swingers ... Video: Crazy Bills fans ... Hayek, Kimmel sing.

Odds and Ends

The weekend's best GameDay signs ... Another weekend football wrap ... Get ready for a Georgia Blackout redux ... Blaine Irby's knee wasn't supposed to do that.

The Love Doctor

If you're desperate for dating tips, Texas Tech coach Mike Leach is probably your man.

A Gopher Thriller

We're not sure what's better: The Minnesota marching band playing and dancing to "Thriller" (it gets good about halfway through), or the insanely excited fans filming it.

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