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You Really Can Have Looks and Brains

Natalie Portman's a Harvard girl, while Jake Gyllenhaal's a Columbia man. :: Getty Images

Ivy League coverage is never scarce on OTR, but today the site has outdone itself by ranking the eight Ivies based on one thing only: the quality and quantity of their hot celebrity alums. Not surprisingly, Columbia (Alicia Keys and Jake Gyllenhaal ... 'nuff said) finished first -- actors and singers are probably more inclined to spend their time in the Big Apple than Rhode Island or Connecticut -- but Harvard's list (Natalie Portman and Matt Damon anyone?) is impressive, too. It's nice to see Dartmouth didn't finish last (that dishonor went to Brown). Unofficial but beloved mascot Keggy the Keg's still missing, and those kids can only handle so much.

Attention Chase Daniel

From now on, the week that was will be known as College Curse Week. First, SIOC's Ty Hildenbrandt pronounced the Oregon QB curse is on par with the SI and Madden cover jinxes (neither of which are small potatoes, folks). Now, Uncoached has decided there's a Heisman QB curse, too. You might disagree, but seven out of the last 10 winners probably won't.

Big Man, Big Job, Big Belly

Last week, we introduced you to John Moffitt's blog. Now that the Wisconsin center has gotten his anti-area code views off his chest, he's moved on to blogging about tastier topics, and he wants you to know one thing: "It's not easy being big." After reading about the "perfect diet" for an SEC quarterback, Moffitt decided to keep a food diary. QBs, it's time to bow your heads in shame. Each day, Moffitt eats pancakes and sausage (x2), hash browns, a steak, egg and cheese bagel and two egg McMuffins ... for breakfast.

Raccoon: 1, Summitt: 0

Pat Summitt fought a raccoon, and lost. :: AP

Of course, injuries are painful and inconvenient. But admit it, part of you likes getting hurt because blood and bruises and fiberglass-encased appendages lead to attention. People want to know what happened, and you get to show how tough you are and how dangerously you live your life. Unless you're Tennessee coach Pat Summitt, that is, and you have to tell people you had to have shoulder surgery after tussling with a raccoon.

"U" Aint My Daddy

Busted Coverage thinks these are the worst signs in College GameDay history, and who are we to disagree? Good signs usually lead to an appreciative chuckle, but some of these are so awkward or inane ("I Am Hard," "Jesus Hates Sin," "U Can't Spell --- Without LSU") they're actually funnier.

A Sour Scheme

Speaking of coaches and injuries, Jockular has an impressive array of Charlie Weis-themed comic strips, and the latest begs a simple question: What's more important, integrity, or Sour Patch Kids?

You've Got a Friend Request ... Yarrr!

Loyal Clicks readers Josh Brown and Sean Zamora both e-mailed us about this yesterday, so we figured we'd spread the word. Many people, including Hot Clicks guru Jimmy Traina, hate the new Facebook. But Josh and Sean, at least, have found one redeeming quality. You can change the language setting to English (Pirate).

A League of Their Own

Saturday's Alabama-Arkansas game got so out of hand, head coaches Nick Saban and Bobby Petrino would be excused for letting their thoughts drift. And who knows, maybe they were both thinking about the same thing -- their failed forays into the NFL coaching ranks. But where they bombed, others soared, and The Love of NFL has the list of the top 10 NCAA coaches turned pro to prove it.

Pop Culture Nugget

Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbertmock the vote.

Today In Hot Clicks

Blake Lively :: Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images

Fall TV and football talk ... Penalty box mayhem ... Several "best catch ever" nominees ... Hottest male athletes (again) ... Cubs vs. SI ... Video: Cooley as Borat ... Seinfeld bloopers.

Odds and Ends

For the Clicks readers who are still going through Andy Gray withdrawal ... This would never happen today ... Apparently writing "Delta Chi, We Get Girls Wet" on a dunk tank sign isn't OK ... More notable than the upset: Oregon State fans really like Erin Andrews.

You Vicious Beavers

USC fans have been stunned into silence, but this video says it all.

Reporter, Meet Sand Castle

That's a major party foul.

Spanish Reporter Ruins Sand Castle - Watch more free videos

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