Resisting the (Football) Urge: Campus Clicks

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Resisting the Urge

Chase Daniel and Jimmy Clausen are resisting urges of their own. :: Jamie Squire/Getty Images: Andy Altenburger/Icon SMI

Lisa at Bleacher Report read Ricky Williams' recent comments (you know, the ones about fighting the urge to reunite with his old flame Mary Jane over the bye week) and, like any good journalist would, asked herself who else in the football world (college, specifically) might be resisting the urge. Before you all start thumbing through your print-out on libel law, rest assured, this isn't speculation about which other players like to get high. No, no, life hands us many other urges. For example, Chase Daniel's probably resisting the urge to clear some trophy space on his mantle, Idaho fans are probably resisting the urge to boycott their football games post-cheerleading uniform scandal and Jimmy Clausen's probably resisting the urge to rent another white Hummer.

A Humble Request

Brady Quinn came oh so close to taking over as Cleveland's starting QB this week, but that tricky Derek Anderson managed to dig his fingernails into the ledge for a little longer. Uncoached, for one, feels nothing but pity for young Quinn, who was a God among mere mortals at Notre Dame but has since been relegated to clipboard duty and EAS endorsements. In fact, Quinn's situation inspired the site to come up with a little proposition for Quinn and others like him: Petition the NCAA to become a professional (read: life-long) college athlete.

For Homework, Watch Game 1 Tonight

The Sports Culture has the scoop on Bates College's latest for-credit course offering: Red Sox Nation. But be warned, if you like the Sox, Maine or lumberjacks, you'll probably find TSC's take objectionable.

We Know You've Missed the Comparative Posts...

Blake Lively is just like Wisconsin. :: Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

What's Tyra Banks' connection to Iowa? Blake Lively's to Wisconsin? Jessica Walter's to Penn State? Next to nothing, but that doesn't mean these leading ladies aren't apt living, breathing analogies for these football programs. And it must be said, scrolling through a list of young, attractive starlets and their Big Ten counterparts and then getting to the wrinkly (though still cool and relevant) Jessica Walter as Penn State is a pretty amusing experience.

Slipping and Sliding at State

Life just keeps getting better for Penn State fans. First, their team reasserts itself on the national stage, and then a water pipe breaks in a tailgating area, creating an impromptu slip 'n slide.

Someone loves Rich-Rod

Sure, The Love of Sports spent the first three-quarters of this post recanting everything that's gone wrong for Michigan under new coach Rich Rodriquez, but we swear it turns into a proclamation of faith, support and the dawn of a new day in the final two paragraphs.

West Coast Bias

Pac-10 fans need something to feel good about these days, and The Wiz of Odds has come through in the clutch with this scientifically supported statement: The Pac-10 is the best conference of the past 10 years.

Sampson Begat Crean, Who Begat Williams, Etc.

College basketball is a holy thing, so instead of discussing the "coaching carousel," Storming the Floor decided to get serious and instead discuss the "coaching begats."

Pop Culture Nugget

In honor of the Forgetting Sarah Marshall DVD release, EW's listing 30 unforgettable nude scenes. Enjoy responsibly.

Today In Hot Clicks

Anne V :: Joanne Gair/SI

Cubs fans get some bad news ... Goodbye, Kim K. ... Al Davis look-alikes ... Most unusual catch ever ... Two Boston media blunders ... Good infomercials ... Video: Manny at Dodgers rally ... Fox news clip.

Odds and Ends

Michigan's famed winged helmet debuted 70 years ago today ... Did Guinness make the best beer commercial ever? Angry T explores ... The Dr. Lou drinking game ... One more reason to root for Oklahoma.

White Out 2008

We already brought you some great fan shots from White Out 2008, but as we said then, the still shots just don't do it justice. But fear not! Reader Dan has helped us secure some video.

Skateboard, Car, Same Difference

Scarier for the kids, or the driver? - Watch more free videos

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