NHL's Ice Babes: Hot Clicks

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Two Reasons to Watch Hockey This Year

Whitney and Molly :: Courtesy of the NHL

In case you didn't notice, the NHL season kicked off last week in Europe and the Red Wings look like favorites to repeat as Stanley Cup champs. If you want more analysis, click here. If you want to see ridiculously hot ice girls, including Whitney (Boston) and Molly (Nashville), yesbutnobutyes and The Angry T take a look at hockey's hottest Ice Girls.

Michael Phelps' New Squeeze

We found it pretty funny that it took Michael Phelps about six weeks after the conclusion of the Olympics to finally return home to Baltimore, where he was met with a parade. But at least he has something to show for his post-Olympic partying -- former 2007 Miss California runner-up Nicole Johnson, his latest ladyfriend.

100 Most Influential People in Sports

Business Week posted its annual list of sports' most influential people and the top three are who you might expect -- Tiger Woods, Roger Goodell and David Stern. Some other names worth noting -- Phelps (No. 42), Danica Patrick (No. 50), Wayne Gretzky (No. 65) and last but not least, Serena Williams (No. 100).

Two Peas in a Pod


What do Joe Torre and Justin Timberlake have in common? Not much, we thought at first, until Bush League TV pointed out the similarities between the two JTs. If only someone could hook Mr. Torre up with one of these, the comparison would be perfect.

In Praise of Canada

We often take our north-of-the-border neighbors for granted, but not today. From Pam Anderson to Emanuelle Chiriqui, Unibrow has the 10 hottest Canadian celebrities of all time.

Random Links We Liked

This is the perfect present for your computer nerd friend who needs his beer ... Someone paid $10,000 for David Ortiz's bed, then donated it to the Boston Health Care for the Homeless program ... Luke Waltonhas a stalker ... This looks like the greatest meal of all time -- a hamburger with a bun made of two grilled cheese sandwiches!

We Love This Game

The NFL season may be a mere five weeks old, but the Scores Report already has 32 reasons to love the 2008 football season.

Must-See Items On Facebook

For Torrie Wilson pics and a look at famous nude scenes, check out our Hot Clicks Facebook Group.

Campus Clicks

Which band has been more out of line, Stanford's or Wisconsin's? :: AP, Heinz Kluetmeier/SI

A Stanford vs. Wisconsin Battle of the Bands ... David Hasselhoff's back in wildcat country ... You could be WSU's new scout-team QB ... Seven reasons you should tailgate at LSU.

Redskins Celebration Video Of The Day

It's hard to tell if Washington WR Antwaan Randle-El is making fun of coach Jim Zorn's now-famous "hip-hip-hooray" celebration or if he is just really into it.

Monkey Waiter Video Of The Day

Only in Japan ...

Feel Good Video Of The Day

A soldier returns from a 14-month tour of duty in Iraq ... and is greeted by his dogs.

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