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The Stanford-Wisconsin Battle of the Bands: Campus Clicks

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Battle of the Bands

Which band has been more out of line, Stanford's or Wisconsin's? :: AP : Heinz Kluetmeier/SI

As you know by now, Wisconsin's marching band has been suspended. It did all the stuff you'd think a rouge band would do: abused alcohol, forced female band members to kiss each other before receiving bathroom privileges, engaged in illicit relationships with their coaches, etc. But instead of shaking a finger and saying "shame on you," Double Extra Point posed a question: How do these band shenanigans compare to the hordes of discretions and stunts Stanford's band has committed over the years? Just remember, a Stanford alum once donated a mil to the school with specific instructions that some of the funds go toward keeping the band in line. Wowza.

A Wildcat Needs to Roar

Surely, you all remember when we linked to David Hasselhoff's blog six weeks back. The videos of Big D screaming like a madman in the middle of a mob of Arizona co-eds will stick with us all for a while. But just in case the visuals are fading, The Sports Culture has a couple shots from Hasselhoff's recent return to wildcat country, and we must say, he looks downright thrilled to be back in the fold with the cheerleaders and chronic texters.

You Too Can Play for WSU

This is not a joke. Yesterday, due to a slew of injuries, Washington State held a campus-wide tryout to find a new scout-team quarterback. That means that you, who are reading this very post at noon while sitting around in your boxers eating a semi-stale bowl of Cap'n Crunch, could have been a D-I quarterback just like that (when you read the word "that" please snap your fingers). All we can say is: Oregon's lost approximately 3,174 QBs to concussions and knee injuries this season, but hasn't had to hold a public tryout. What gives?

Next Stop: The Bayou

Who wouldn't want to tailgate with LSU fans?. :: Bob Rosato/SI

This week, Tailgating Nation stops at LSU, where the Golden Girls glitter, a trailer's not a trailer without a Tiger-themed mural and mind-bogglingly hilarious dance-offs are a matter of course.

Grab a Laser, or at Least a Shirt

USC's had a fair number of cheerleading issues lately, and now Busted Coverage has discovered another: Torso-length tattoos conflict with the "pure" image the Song Girl brass want to project.

Students, Please Open Your Pockets

Time and time again, our government has caused us all to scratch our heads and say "we could do better." Which is why OTR blogger Dr. Manhattan has a teeny, tiny proposition for the powers that be: Give that $700 billion (or $840 billion, as the pork-induced case may be) to America's college students and let them do something real (like build a Vodka River, or reconstruct The Parthenon on campus to make those toga parties more legit).

Now Playing: Baller Vol

Orlando Woolridge's son knows how to shoot hoops, rap and potentially violate NCAA rules. But hoops fans, take solace ... the basketball drama doesn't hold a candle to the gridiron woes.

Some Home Cooking (And Kicking)

A note to kickers everywhere: If you're going to take a flop, at least do it in a more timely fashion than this Fresno State kicker.

Pop Culture Nugget

Whatever happens on Election Day, close to half the populous will likely proclaim "the apocalypse approaches." Though Gibbs 12 created this post on the top five post-apocalyptic movies for other reasons, it's timely and relevant in a few frightening ways.

Today In Hot Clicks

Whitney and Molly :: Courtesy of the NHL

One reason to love the NHL -- Ice Girls! ... Michael Phelps has a new girlfriend ... The 100 Most Influential People in Sports ... Timberlake-Torre connection ... Big Papi's bed.

Odds and Ends

USC reporter Scott Wolf managed to get some alone time with the Oregon cheerleaders ... A Virginia Tech football player has been arrested for public swearing ... Hear what Ball State's Brandon Crawford(yeah, the 32-year-old) has to say ... USC fans, get ready for Mitch.

The Cougar Call

Here's video from WSU's student body QB tryout. Some spot-on sound bites: "We need the help." Ya think? "I've never really seen anything like this before." Yeah, nor have we.

Take a dip...

...Naked, in the Royal Emperor's moat.

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