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Your NBA Season Preview

Jennifer Love Hewitt, Rihanna :: Getty Images uses a wide variety of females -- celebrities, non-celebrities, pretty, ugly, tall, short, skinny, fat, black, white, gay, straight -- to preview the upcoming 2008 NBA season. Two of the ladies involved were Jennifer Love Hewitt and Rihanna.

Current Curses

With the Cubs titleless streak alive, On Irish Road decided to compile a list of the 10 greatest active curses in sports.

We Know They Just Lost To Toledo, But...

Chad Malkamaki, of Cleveland, e-mailed last night to say "I'm partying in Cleveland right now, but was it just me, or was Braylon Edwards [a Michigan grad] wearing a Penn State T-shirt while being interviewed during Monday Night Football? Let me know if anyone else noticed this or if you did." I didn't notice it, but Deadspin did. Seems like Braylon has some explaining to do.

Is Jeff Garcia Next?

Jeff Garcia, Carmella Garcia :: Stephen Shugerman/Getty Images

When we heard yesterday that Tony Romo would miss four weeks because of a pinkie injury, our first thought was "what is going on with the quarterbacks who have ridiculously hot significant others?" Our next thought was "Jeff Garciashould watch his back because things come in threes." Speaking of the Cowboys quarterback, has put together The Romo Guide To Pinkie Rehabilitation. (Warning: Link contains strong language.) Meanwhile, You Been Blinded has an idea of what Jessica Simpson will want Romo to do while he's sidelined.

E-Mail Of The Day

Adam, of Philadelphia, writes "You have to comment on the Matt Stairs quote last night." We assume Adam is referring to the quote in the fifth paragraph of this story. And while we try to please all Hot Clicks readers, we're gonna pass on commenting. The quote stands on its own, and nothing we say will be half as funny as Stairs' own words.

Random Links

Which NFL player has landed on the side of a milk carton? ... Who likes pie more: Barack or The Rock? ... Lastly, did you know about Sarah Palin's ties to the Knicks?

Stroking Our Egos

We were happy to see that Extra Mustard was named one of the must-read sports destinations on the Web by Sports Business Journal. We were even happier to see that we received two nominations in the 2008 Sports Blogscars.

Must-See Cheerleaders On Facebook

Check out the Southend United Blue Belles on our Hot Clicks Facebook Group.

Campus Clicks

BYU's fans are perky. :: Bill Frakes/SI, Boyd Ivey/Icon SMI

Looking back at the Red River Rivalry ... Colorado Buffaloes go green ... Clemson says goodbye to Bowden ... up and running ... Video: Extreme mini-golf.

Sports Video Of The Day

Remember the name Ben Wilson. This 9-year-old linebacker/running back basically makes Lawrence Taylor look like a wuss and makes Barry Sanders look like Blair Thomas -- the NFL version. (Thanks to Rebecca Manney, of Weatherford, Okla., for the link.)

I Love This Town Video Of The Day

Via Awful Announcing, check out TBS' baseball crew trying to sing the Bon Jovi song that's been the theme for the network's postseason coverage. It's also the song that just got Bon Jovi sued for ... wait for it... wait for it... $400 BILLION.

Commercial Of The Day

The perfect girlfriend and the perfect bourbon.

The Ultimate Girlfriend | Viral |

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