Texas jumps into No. 1 spot after thrilling win in Dallas

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With three of last week's top five teams (Oklahoma, Missouri and LSU) losing, filling out my ballot Saturday night presented some unique challenges, starting at the top. So you can imagine my surprise when the AP Poll came out Sunday and I found that my ballot mirrored the poll's top six and had 14 of the top 15 within one spot of each other.

Apparently, I'm not an original thinker.

I did wrestle with whether Texas or Alabama should be No. 1. My reasoning for tabbing the Longhorns: Not only did they beat the former No. 1 team in the country -- no previous foe had come remotely close to beating Oklahoma -- but the 'Horns have also been extremely consistent all season.

While the Tide's blowout win at Georgia was every bit as eye-opening if not more so than Texas's victory over OU, unfortunately, their Clemson win has lost value now that it's clear the Tigers aren't that good, and 'Bama hasn't routed its inferior foes the same way Texas has.

At the end of the day, it doesn't really matter. If the 'Horns make it through their next three games (Missouri, Oklahoma State and Texas Tech) unscathed, they should be a unanimous No. 1 team. And if they don't, 'Bama, the floor's all yours.

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