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Adult Swim

Stephanie Rice has a wild side. :: Robert Prezioso/Getty Images

Stephanie Rice -- the hot Australian Olympic swimmer who's been linked (at the lips) to Mr. Phelps -- was not pleased to find photos floating around the Internet of her drunk and dancing her life away at a club. So here they are.

Buckeyes Need To Get Their Priorities Straight

Our economy is failing because of Ohio State football fans. A poll on the Columbus Dispatch's Web site asked Ohioans if they would be willing to trade in a victory over Michigan for a 13,000-point surge in the Dow. Fifty-nine percent voted stupidly no. What is this world coming to?


It's always nice to see the underdog win every now and then. It just really sucks for the No. 19-ranked team that was expected to come away with a blowout victory but ended up losing 2-1 to the said underdogs, who haven't won a single conference soccer game in three years -- THREE YEARS -- and were on track to continue their losing streak for quite some time had it not been for the ultimate failure of the ranked team. No, Penn, we're not talking about your choke job against Columbia.

Texas Road Trip

Ricky Williams and hot cheerleaders are just a couple reasons to visit UT. :: AP : John Rivera/Icon SMI

In honor of the Longhorns' recently acquired No. 1 ranking, Uncoached was nice enough to provide you with the top eight reasons why you should pay a visit to Ricky Williams' school. (If he didn't give you a clue where this is headed, add cheerleader chaps to the mix. Yeah. You're excited now.)

Southern Charm

So the ACC isn't nearly as strong in football as it is in basketball. That's old news. But there are some alumni who have consistently performed to their utmost, representing their alma maters and the hoops haven ACC well. Suprsingly (for many reasons) Steve-O made the list of the funniest people from the ACC. Here are the others.

SEC Highs And (Very) Lows

Amateur or vet, hardcore or casual, SEC fans are in need of a little schooling. Thanks to Bleacher Report, such an education has been provided, covering everything from Vandy's impressive 5-0 start, to Urban Meyer's disturbing scowl and Tim Tebow's blubbering -- you know, the good, the bad and the ugly of the East.

Superfans, Please Stand Up

There's a clear line between the fans and the superfans. The former often tries to mimic the latter, but in the end, only the die-hard aficionados stand out in a crowd of thousands. Were you one of those this past weekend? Check out SIOC's Superfans Gallery to see.


Kids, it's time to open your hearts and sharpen your pencils, because the SIOC Mailbag is back. So send in your questions on college sports and college life and we'll pen insightful, moving and witty responses to help you see the light.

Pop Culture Nugget

Jennifer Aniston and John Mayer are sucking face again.

Today In Hot Clicks

Rachelle Leah :: Courtesy of

UFC's Rachelle Leahdons Playboy's cover ... How will John Madden spend his free weekend? ... Different species of WRs ... Most infamous fans ... Video: Clumsy vendor in Bean Town.

Odds and Ends

How Washington St. football can turn you into a sot ... Football player attacks hockey player -- at the same school ... Get paid to take the SATs ... An unnamed member of the media gets up close and personal to some cheerleaders.

He's Sensitive

A Tigers fan sheds tears over Tommy Bowden.

Simma-Down-Na, Lou

I'm gonna step out on a limb here: I don't think Lou Holtz is a raging Colt McCoy fan.

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