Mismatches in Soccer WAG History: Hot Clicks

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Monumental Mismatches

Danielle Lloyd :: Gareth Cattermole/Getty Images

Hot woman with not-so-hot men -- it's a phenomenon we all shake our heads at. Uncoached examines this trend further by looking at mismatched couples that features soccer players and their WAGs. Wait 'til you see who Danielle Lloyd (above) used to date. (Warning: Link contains strong language.)

Who Do You Believe?

We're a couple of days late on this but now that the whole story has come out, it's even better. New Jersey Nets guard Devin Harris was in London and ended up playing a little one-on-one against some kid named Stuart Tanner. Tanner ended up putting on a show and schooling Harris, and the clip has been everywhere, including SportsCenter. However, Harris is now saying he was thrown for a loop because he was told Tanner was from the Special Olympics.

A Few Folks Like Those Frank Caliendo Ads

There's one group of people who don't mind seeing all the Frank TV pimping during the baseball playoffs.

Shane's Spam Situation


Shane Victorino may be on his way to a World Series, but not all is rosy for the Phillies outfielder. He's been targeted by PETA. Why? Because his favorite meal is Spam musubi.

Speaking Of The Phillies

Big League Stew has the details on what might be the all-time worst tribute video ever put together.

Hidden Camera=Gold

Click on this, thank us later.

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For a story about a women's soccer player joining the adult film industry, check out our Hot Clicks Facebook Group.

Campus Clicks

Nastia Liukin and "Chuck Bass" -- hook-up potential? :: AP, Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images

Liukin to appear on Gossip Girl ... Cal volleyball player's Gladiators connection ... Midnight Madness already hitting Kentucky ... Good, bad and ugly of the SEC ... Video: Dancing Sooner.

Sports Video Of The Day

Because we're Yankees fans, we're pulling hard for the Rays. But after seeing this embarrassing bit by Rob Schneider, we're seriously thinking of joining the Nation. (Thanks to Brad, of St. Petersburg, Fla., for the link.)

Must-Watch Tony Danza Video Of The Day

Danny B., of New City, N.Y., says "I'm sure you've seen this already, but it's Tony Danza belittling a local news station and the news anchor when he doesn't know he is on camera." We hadn't seen it before but we can't thank Danny enough for sending it in. We'll never be able to look at Tony Micelli the same way.

Snuggie Video Of The Day

Mike, of Valencia, Calif., sent in the following commercial and said, "The video speaks for itself!" If anyone out there actually owns this product, please e-mail us with a review.

Tips For Sleeping Comfortably Video Of The Day

This very detailed instructional video will teach you how to avoid trapped arm while cuddling in bed. (Thanks to Axel Janson, of Cordova, Alaska, for the link.)

Getting Intimate:How To Avoid Trapped Arm Whilst Cuddling In Bed

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