Hating the Rich Rod Haters: Campus Clicks

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The Michigan Marketplace of Ideas

Rich Rod can't escape the heat angry fans and Sweet Lou are throwing his way. :: AP

It's been a disappointing year for a lot of Big Ten squads, Michigan prime among them. But if you ask Rich Rod Rox, the Rich Rodriguez-hating has gotten out of control (after all, Lou Holtz is probably more likely to get the ax than Rodriguez). Since RRR's clearly a believer in that old journalist mantra, "show, don't tell," it's provided us all with some fine examples from angry message board posters, with its own biting, reactionary commentary to boot.

Ty vs. Chuck: 2008 Style

College football's a volatile world, but there are at least two constants: People never tire of running Ty Willingham and Charlie Wies through the ringer and they never tire of comparing Willingham to his Notre Dame replacement. The College Football Guys are no different, so with this weekend's ND-WU showdown looming, they bring you Ty vs. Chuck: 2008 Style.

Willis, Winslow and Wayne, Oh My

It might seem like a random time to rank the top 10 Miami Hurricanes in the NFL, but really, news pegs abound (just ask Kellen Winslow). Plus, the ACC could use some love.

Phil Fulmer Owns 'Bama

Could history repeat itself this weekend? :: Walter Iooss Jr./SI

Four-star recruit David Oku won't be a Volunteer until next season, but that hasn't stopped the Online Sports Fanatic from predicting a Tennessee upset of Alabama this weekend. Sure, the Vols have been a disappointment and at times an embarrassment, while 'Bama's the No. 2 team in the nation ... but that doesn't change the fact that, in OSF's opinion, 'Bama's scared of Phil Fulmer and Neyland stadium.

Put the Peanuts and Religious Pamphlets Away

As children, we were puzzled and disturbed whenever we received a handful of unwrapped candy corn on Halloween. Some people need a little more guidance, which is why it's a good thing Yes But No But Yes put together a list of the top 10 terrible Halloween treats. Remember: "Nothing says 'I'm an a**hole' more than handing out a toothbrush."

Trading One UA for Another

Arizona fans are probably still miffed Brandon Jennings bailed on the Wildcats to become an Italian pro, but we've got to assume that as one of Under Armour's new poster boys, Jennings is more than content with his decision.

A Numbers Game

We're halfway through the college football season, and we've got the polls and our memories to help us form our first-half impressions. But blogger Sako dug deeper and compiled some of the most noteworthy first-half numbers. Our favorite nugget: 1 - number of game-changing tackles made by an SEC ref.

Hold the Bat This Way

We know no one likes criticism, but honestly, Tailgating Ideas is just trying to help when it tells you you're doing the Louisville Chugger wrong, and your tailgates are suffering accordingly.

Pop Culture Nugget

Bet you didn't know Madonna and Fred Durst had something in common.

Today In Hot Clicks

Kelly Monaco :: Evan Agostini/Getty Images

All your Phillies-Rays World Series links ... 13 worst wrestling gimmicks ... Keibler pics ... Snuggie update ... Ladies of Jeter trivia ... Video: Athletes as kids ... Next Eminem.

Odds and Ends

We've got a potential BCS nightmare brewing already ... Download your school- and sport-specific Gus Johnson ringtones ... Is UNC better at churning out rappers or NBA stars? ... It seems running around in a chicken suit making fun of the pledges you hazed isn't the best way to reduce your frat's suspension.

You Don't Know Squat

If we only we could all be as lucky as this guy and have a mom who'd expertly rescue us from any weight-lifting exercise gone awry.

http://view.break.com/591878 - Watch more free videos

A Sea of Red

If you're one of the lucky Buckeyes fans whose got a ticket to this weekend's matchup with Penn State, Jim Tressel wants you to remember one thing: Bring your red poncho.

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