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Get your Colt McCoy Pajamas: Campus Clicks


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A New Set of CFB Pajamas

This year, Superman put his Tebow pajamas away and picked up a McCoy pair. :: AP : Sam Greenwood/Getty

Another week, another slew of college football-induced lessons. In case you were too busy watching Don Draper on Saturday Night Live to reflect on all you'd just learned, we'll pass along some gems from The College Football Guy's knowledge-haul. This week, we learned Tim Tebow wears Colt McCoy pajamas, television sets can only handle so much burnt orange and Matt Williams might single-handedly eliminate scholarships for place kickers. Bleacher Report, for one, couldn't compress all noteworthy insights and observations into one post, so it penned 10 top 10 lists from this past weekend instead.

Shrinking Egos, Etc.

No one can blame the Michigan players, staff or fans for feeling sorry for themselves after dropping Saturday's game at home to uber-rival Michigan State. But The World of Issac has no problem blaming them for turning off the hot water in the visiting locker room after the game. Nothing says "We still own the Big House" like forcing grown, sweaty men to whimper in an icy shower.

Just for Men (Color: Scarlet)

Since Penn State and Ohio State decided to do their best SEC defensive struggle impression, The Big Lead had time to appreciate and reflect on the JoePa montage and other startling game images (including, of course, the scarlet-moustache man).

A Big Head to Fill

Brandon Carter's nicknamed after pro wrestler Mankind. :: Wade Barker/Icon SMI

Texas Tech lineman and face paint aficionado Brandon Carter might fancy himself the next Mankind, but The Realest can't help but think he's more like that head-smashing linebacker from The Program.

Don't Pass out on Wall Street

Sure, we could shake our fingers at the Northwestern business school students who were "vomiting, spitting on people and passing out in high-traffic areas during a field trip." We could look at these bright future-leaders and wonder if our economy will ever be safe. Or we could just blame Northwestern's Gossip Girl-esque blog for turning the student body into an attention-seeking mass.

The Numbers Don't Lie

We at Campus Clicks remember the horror of soaring college costs all too well. It seemed like every time we blinked, we owed another $3K. But after looking at Campus Grotto's list of the most expensive colleges for the 2008-09 school year, we realize some have it even worse. A year at Sarah Lawrence, for example, costs $53,166. Imagine how many slices of pizza and cups of coffee that could get you.

One Mic

SI Recommends

On Nov. 4, Terrell Owens will make an appearance on Mike Krzyzewski's XM radio show. It'll be worth tuning in just to see if these two can share the mic.

Put Your Pipe Away

Last week, we brought you That's so Fetch's list of the top 10 types of girls guys should avoid. Always equal opportunity haters, TSF pushed out a companion piece, the top 10 types of guys girls should avoid. So guys, if you wear girls jeans, act like a chauvinist or have a baked potato tattooed on your bicep, girl trouble might await.

Pop Culture Nugget

Amy Poehler, everyone's favorite fictional baby mama, is now a real mama.

Today In Hot Clicks

Marisa Miller :: Frank Micelotta/Getty Images

Marisa Miller Monday ... Great horse racing call ... 15 great sportscasting bloopers ... Oliver to join? ... NFL midseason awards with a Nintendo twist ... Video: Cheap shot on kicker ... Odd commercial.

Odds and Ends

This weekend's best GameDay signs ... Speaking of GameDay, if you're sick of Colt McCoy, you're going to have a major bone to pick with the crew ... Week 9, in pictures ... In case you missed Todd Palin's Penn State visit last week.

Three Years in the Making

Three years ago, Nebraska wrestling coach Mark Manning and former Husker football player Brandon Rigoni got into it, and Manning claimed he could take down Rigoni. At long last, the two decided to test the claim, and the whole Husker family came out to watch.

The Zeek Zone

Who knew Michigan State's best receiver was a dog?

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