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USC Has an Iron Will

Will Ferrell showed the Trojans he makes a pretty good Iron Man. :: AP

Beating Washington 56-0 was probably more sad than fun for USC. Doubtlessly anticipating just such a result, Pete Carroll called on loyal USC alum Will Ferrell to bring some laughter to So Cal. And as Carroll and Ferrell know, dressing up as Iron Man, dousing a human fire ball with Gatorade and asking Carroll to hold your jock sock tend to be preferable to routine pep talks.

What we Learned

Another weekend, another slew of gridiron nuggets absorbed. This Saturday taught us bleachers make better crowd surfers than people, groundskeepers rarely prepare for overtime and beating Michigan is no longer good enough to help coaches keep their jobs. We also learned last-minute finishes are all the rage, Michael Crabtree knows a thing or two about drama and some 300-pounders can scoop and spin with remarkable grace.

CFBAA: College Football Addicts Anonymous

Remember, kids, the first step to overcoming a problem is admitting you have one. After that it's crucial to understand your problem and find a support network, which is why we're thrilled to introduce you all to Bleacher Report contributor Justin Hearn, who suffers from college footballism just like you, and has decided to share his story with a league of sympathetic co-sufferers.

Who's got the Edge?

Who's got the better cheerleaders, Texas Tech or Alabama? :: Icon SMI

No one would ever accuse this country's best bloggers of waiting for a football team to crack the top five before digitally ogling and praising its student body, but it can't be denied that as soon as Texas Tech upset Texas on Saturday, the TTU co-ed posts sprung up like clockwork. Fan IQ, for one, knows we'll have to wait a few more weeks to determine whether Alabama, TTU or another team really warrants the nation's top ranking, but figures comparing the 'Bama and Red Raider cheerleaders and co-eds will probably settle the matter in the interim.

Grab Your Glass Slipper

Just because you won't fill out your bracket for another four months doesn't mean it's too early to start tagging potential NCAA Cinderellas. So if you want the pride and glory come March, be sure to keep an eye on Davidson (because a year later, Stephen Curry can still shoot), St. Mary's (because the Gaels have tapped into the Aussie pipeline), Creighton (because Booker Woodfox has great skills and an even greater name) and these seven other potential bracket-busters.

Mind Games, Time Games

Urban Meyer didn't send his Gator squad storming into the end zone for a retaliatory celebration, but he did call two totally unnecessary timeouts in the game's final minute even though Florida led Georgia by 39. Perhaps revenge is best served subtly.

The New King of Bling

Last week, Campus Grotto told us Sarah Lawrence College would drain your checking account quicker than any college in the land. Today, CNN Money's got some shocking news. George Washington's even pricier. At least with this latest link, you can see each school's marquee building and judge whether it's impressive enough to warrant dropping $40K on tuition alone.

Dumb Arrest of the Day

Those Hawkeyes just can't stay out of jail. Iowa defensive back Harold Dalton had one too many and now faces disorderly conduct and public intoxication charges, which is doubly-dumb since Iowa coach Kirk Ferentz really started cracking down on his delinquent team after his own son received a citation for underage drinking in October.

Pop Culture Nugget

Our neighbors across the pond can't get enough Bond.

Today In Hot Clicks

Nicole Scherzinger :: Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

Must-see LeBron, Pussycat Doll commercial ... Best hockey quotes ... Popovich look-alikes ... Songs about athletes ... Election decided tonight ... Video: Obama-Berman preview ... New phrase.

Odds and Ends

This weekend's best GameDay signs ... If you're looking for an excuse for not voting tomorrow, we say "shame on you," but Next Round's here to help ... More Charlie Coley dunks ... Just because the election's imminent doesn't mean college football doesn't warrant front-page newspaper coverage.

Chatting with the Song Girls

The USC Song Girls think their uniforms are what set them apart. We're not sure you'll agree.

BCS Headquarters

Finally, a behind-the-scenes glimpse at how the BCS sausage is made.

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