By Dr Z
November 05, 2008

Well, I don't have to rush through this, because I've already voted. Got to the Senior Citizens Home in Denville, N.J. -- and that's not the beginning of a one-liner, it's one of the voting places out here -- anyway, got there at 6 a.m. Hardly anyone there at that hour. I mean the Senior Citizens Home was almost dead, but I got there so early because I am paranoid about standing in long lines. And then I'd have had to write my rankings column mad, you know, angry, and the complaints would have come pouring in.

Just me and about half a dozen voting center volunteers and one of them asked me what I thought and I said that my vote was pretty meaningless because even though Wilkie seems like a nice guy and everything, FDR is just about unbeatable. One guy laughed. The oldest one. Just like nobody's laughing now, but if you want laughs, wait 'til you see what's coming. (Send comments to Dr. Z here.)

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