Heidi Klum vs. Marisa Miller: Hot Clicks

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The Legend Vs. The Newcomer

Heidi Klum :: Stewart Shining/SI

There's no questions that one of Sports Illustrated's most popular Swimsuit models ever is Marisa Miller. But sometimes you need to stop and pay respect to a legend -- and that legend is Heidi Klum. The pics above are from SI's 2002 Swimsuit Issue, but as we saw earlier this week in that Guitar Hero commercial, Klum hasn't lost anything off her fastball. Where is all this going? To this Tale of the Tape that pits Klum against Miller.

'Melo Makes A Bad Bet

You may have noticed Carmelo Anthony sporting a very short 'do this season. Well, the reason for this is he lost a bet while playingNBA Live '09.

Yellow Makes Him See Red

You can always rely on soccer to provide great material. The latest gem involves a player who wasn't happy about getting a yellow card.

Not A List And Quiz You Want To Make

JaMarcus Russell :: Jed Jacobsohn/Getty Images

We had no idea that the Oakland Raiders have the highest payroll in the NFL this season until we saw this post from Complex.com that looks at The Worst Wastes of Money In Sports History. Speaking of embarrassments, here's a solid quiz on all-time bad teams.

No Pressure Or Anything

What's it like to nail a 165-yard golf shot for $1 million? It's like this.

Random Links

You gotta check out Kenyon Martin's new tattoo ... It's official. Eagles wide receiver Hank Baskett is engaged to Playmate Kendra Wilkinson. What are some of the other NFL player-Playmate couples? ... Week 10 NFL Survivor/Knockout Pool tips.

Good News And Bad News

Anne, of Rochester, N.Y., writes "So Rick Astley and the 'Rick Rolling' phenomenon were honored at the MTV Europe Music Awards. Think maybe you and your fellow bloggers had something to do with this?" We'd like to think so, and we're very proud. We never thought mentioning Rick Rolling here would lead to Astley winning the "best act ever" award. While things are going good for Astley, Alyssa Milano has run into a bit of trouble. Her ABC sitcom has been canceled before it even aired.

E-Mails Of The Day

Eric Solorio, of Brea, Calif., writes "Big applause to Hot Clicks and reader Dave Hackett. America Olivo ... she is smoking hot." Yes, she is. For those of you who missed yesterday's Hot Clicks, we suggest you check it out. We featured the up-and-coming actress and a piece on top sports movie villains. That led reader Jenn Bowen, of Richland, Wash., to write "Hey, Jimmy, you got sports villains. Now how about the top 10 hot female badasses? Here you go."

Playmates On Facebook

For the Top 15 Hottest Playmates of All Time and more stuff that doesn't make it here, join our Hot Clicks Facebook group page.

Campus Clicks

Nick the New, Nick the Old and Nick haters. :: Bob Rosato/SI, AP

Saban returns to Baton Rouge ... A detailed look at who's in and who's out ... Cal Bear vs. Stanford Tree ... Ultimate home theater ... Video: LSU-Alabama hype.

Sports Video Of The Day

Via this link from AzCentral.com comes this video featuring Steve Nash. Quite frankly, we couldn't tell if he was pushing porn or a drink.

Soccer Fans Video Of The Day

Reader Tim Reardon, of Washington, DC, alerted us to this video, found on Can't Stop The Bleeding. It's two fans calling the action in a recent game between Arsenal and Tottenham. The video starts out slow but keeps getting better and better. We strongly urge you to stick around for what takes place at the 2:25 mark.

Cow Video Of The Day

This poor newscaster.

Cow Gives Reporter Smelly Surprise - Watch more Free Videos

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