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A Collection Of Cheerleader Links

Jaguars cheerleader :: Sam Greenwood/Getty Images

We came across cheerleader link after cheerleader link while surfing around the Web this morning. Here are some of the best. The Love of Sports ranks the 20 Hottest NCAA Cheerleading Squads. Meanwhile, reader John C., of St. Louis, pointed out that Barney unveiled "The Cheerleader Effect" on How I Met Your Mother last night. SFTSports.com already has a post about it. And BlazeOfLove.com is all excited about the Blazers cheerleaders' new uniforms.

The Big Embarrassment In Big D

Homers On The Range has been thinking about the Cowboys' disappointing season and realized Dallas has a lot in common with another team that's popular throughout the country -- Major League's "Cleveland Indians."

Lame Lions Or Brutal Bears?

Yesterday, we said that no position in the NFL has been more inept over the years than quarterback for the Detroit Lions. Well, Two Of Us Talking Sports took that as a challenge and laid out the case for quarterback for the Chicago Bears.

Actresses And Tomboys

Sarah Shahi :: Bryan Bedder/Getty Images

John Berger, of Wake Forest, N.C., writes "No question Emmanuelle Chriqui and Minka Kelly are great-looking women, but you need to get with the program on Sarah Shahi." Well, we just saw that Shahi made EW.com's list of the 17 most underrated actresses on TV, so consider this us getting with the program. Meanwhile, Gunaxin.com alerts us to Hollywood's Top Young Actresses. And The World of Isaac looks at the 11 hottest sports-movie tomboys.

Staying With The Acting Theme...

With a new James Bond film opening soon, Gus Johnson's Whisper compares each of the past Bond flicks to current NFL teams.

Fed Up Fans

Bengals fans have had enough of GM Mike Brown, so they're starting a revolution. (Thanks to Matt, of Cincinnati for the link.) Meanwhile, Raiders fans are rebelling against their organization's patheticness by doing the only natural thing -- haiku.

Epic Battles

Gina Carano vs. Stacy Keibler and Ana Ivanovic vs. Anna Kournakova highlight today's matchups in In Game Now's "World's Hottest Athletes" contest.

Two News Items On Facebook

For CFL cheerleaders and a tribute to Veteran's Day, join our Hot Clicks Facebook group page.

Campus Clicks

Tim Tebow is college football's closest thing to Tom Brady. :: Sam Greenwood/Getty, Damian Strohmeyer/SI

Comparing NCAA teams to NFL teams ... The Weis Watch is back on ... Virtual BCS Playoff ... Video: Duke players' 360-degree dunk.

Sports Video Of The Day

Since we led off with cheerleaders, we figured we'd give you some cheerleader accidents.

Voting Video Of The Day

This has to be fake. Has. To. Be.

See more funny videos and funny pictures at CollegeHumor.

Commercial Of The Day

We use Gillette shaving cream, but we may be switching after seeing this on CoEdMagazine.com.

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