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Recent Hot Clicks 11-13-08: Photo gallery: Jaguars cheerleader Kelli 11-12-08: Hottest Ladies in Sports Movies Who Had Legit Roles 11-11-08: Introducing "The Cheerleader Effect" 11-10-08: Texas Hold 'Em Hotties 11-7-08: Heidi Klum vs. Marisa Miller 11-6-08: America Olivo and sports movie villains 11-5-08: Wrapping up Election Day -- with women! 11-4-08: Hottest NASCAR, Formula 1 WAGs 11-3-08: LeBron James and the Pussycat Doll 10-31-08: New Leryn Franco video hits YouTube 10-30-08: Emmanuelle Chriqui leads the Halloween links 10-29-08: Derek Jeter talks to us about Minka Kelly -- sort of

The Entertainers Of The Year

Leighton Meester, Blake Lively :: Getty Images

EW.com has unveiled its 25 Entertainers of the Year, and one sports figure cracks the list -- Michael Phelps. Yawn. Big yawn. However, EW did get a lot of the list right (Neil Patrick Harris, Tina Fey, Facebook, Elizabeth Banks, Rock Band) with our highlight being the "Gossip Girls" cracking the top five. Our only gripe there is it should've been the "Gossip Girls" and Chuck Bass -- the best character on TV right now. Speaking of Gossip Girl, we need to clarify a nasty Internet rumor. Our friends at Cuzoogle.com have put together a list of 10 Current Chick Shows That Are Bearable To Watch. Now, they get things right by putting Gossip Girl at No. 1, but then they say this for No. 2: "90210: Jimmy Traina has been known to watch." This is an outrage. While we loved the old 90210 and still enjoy the Saturday morning marathon's on the Soap Network, we do not watch the new one. We watched the first three episodes, and the show royally sucked so we took it off the Tivo Season Pass and never watched again.

Speaking Of TV Shows...

If you live in Texas, Friday Night Lights wants you. The show needs extras and, according to The Big Lead, "there will be prizes raffled off, you will be given a lunch and snacks throughout the day and at the end of it all you get paid $56 per day." Maybe you'll even seeDerek Jeter.

One More Piece Of TV News

We're kinda pumped up for the Baseball Network, which is set to debut in January. Now, MLB does nothing but screw things up, so our expectations are low, but so far things sound pretty good. We're sure all you Red Sox/Hazel Mae fans will agree.

Bridal Expo Night Sounds Brutal

MentalFloss.com has found the five most offbeat promotions taking place in the NBA this season.

You Know You Want Even MORE Kelli

Kelli :: Courtesy Paul Figura

The e-mails keep rolling in about Kelli, the Jaguars cheerleader who is a big hit with Hot Clicks readers. Well, guess what else keeps rolling in? Even more photos of Kelli. So, we've added 10 brand new photos to our original gallery. Kelli was also kind enough to fill out this questionnaire, that the folks who run SI on Campus use for their Cheerleader of the Week feature. Now, for those of you who need even more cheerleaders to get you through the weekend ... Who's Hotter: NFL Cheerleader or NBA Dancers? ... And don't forget the NHL Ice Dancers ... A must-see Eagles cheerleader ... Boy shorts are a hit among NBA cheerleaders.

Kerry Can Do All

We recently said that Kerry Collins is more of an MVP than Kurt Warner, and now we believe that more than ever. Not only has he led his team to an unbeaten season, but he's done it while also writing country songs.

Random Links

Steady Burn is so impressed with Johnny Depp's ability to play crazy people that it wants to see the actor take on a sports figure in a future movie. But which sports figure? ... There's nothing but top talent left in In Game Now's "World's Hottest Athlete" contest. ... Here are your Week 11 Survivor/Knockout Pool tips.

E-Mail Of The Day

Doug Richardson, of Madison, Wisc., ripped us a new one yesterday and said "Your fairly consistent jabs at Brett Favre need to be tempered with a reality check: Jets have a winning season, look to be playoff bound, and are competing for 1st place in a fairly tough division. I'll bet the Jet fans out there are now LOVING THIS SEASON TO AN EXTREME. Packer fans, Favre fans are too! I'll be plating my derrier on the sofa tonight at 5 pm to cheer Favre/Jets on. You've said what you want about flip-flopping on his retirement, now, make peace with the fact that you are watching one of the greatest football players to ever take the field. Why don't you comment more on his play on the field? At this point, I could give two flyin' farts what jersey he wears, as long as he wants to play he should play. I, for one, think it is great to be able to continue to see him play. True-blue football fans will love Favre til death do we part. Doesn't take a genius to figure out Favre has secured his legendary status. He stopped flappin' his lips about his retirement when the season started, and showed up and PLAYED THE GAME AS IT SHOULD BE PLAYED. The guy is a war horse, give him some damn respect already. Favre has proven himself a winner time and time again. Go Jets!!!" Well, our opinion hasn't changed, but since he played his best game of the season Thursday night and actually did NOT throw an interception, we figured we'd let Doug have his say and even provide a Favre tribute video. (Warning: Link contains strong language.)

Most Beautiful Bottom Contest?

Yes, there is such a thing. But you'll have to check out our Hot Clicks Facebook page for all the info, photos and videos.

Campus Clicks

Now, President Bush knows how to flash Sparky's pitch fork sign. :: Darryl Dennis/IconSMI, AP

President Bush flashes shocker symbol ... Auburn players tortured by Soulja Boy ... Vitale to invade UNC bookstore ... Video: Cow dodges plane.

Sports Video Of The Day

From the description on Neswsports.com, where we got this video, "Ariel Investments head honcho, CEO and Chairman John Rogers barely beats Michael Jordan at his basketball camp, August 18, 2003."

Newscaster Blooper Of The Day

Just check out the anchors' faces after the field reporter unleashes an expletive. (Warning: Link contains strong language.)

Commercial Of The Day

Dave Henderson, of East Providence, R.I., says "A friend of mine used the Neti Pot to help with his cold ... and I asked "what the hell is a Neti Pot?" This is what I found. CRYING WHEN I SAW IT!" The weirdest thing about this is that we really want to try it.

Angry Mother Video Of The Day

But how is this kid gonna read Hot Clicks?

Kid Loses Argument With His Mom - Watch more free videos

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