Looking ahead to a potential voting headache

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I'm going to be honest. This week's rankings are fairly boring. The top 14 teams remain the same (with a little minor shuffling amongst them) and only two new teams, Maryland and Boston College, entered the fray.

But I'm already looking ahead to next week and the potential voting headache that could transpire from Saturday night's Texas Tech-Oklahoma game. If the Red Raiders win, there's no controversy. Phew.

But if the Sooners knock off the 10-0, No. 2 team in the country, should they jump ahead of Texas (they're only one spot behind as it is)? The argument against is that they lost to Texas. The mitigating circumstance, of course, is that they would have won five straight games since then and will have beaten the same Red Raiders team that the Longhorns lost to.

Check back next week.

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