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Two Updates

Stacy Keibler :: Getty Images

On the strength of the best pair of legs on the planet, former Baltimore Ravens cheerleader and WWE Diva Stacy Keibler defeated the Feres Twins in In Game Now's "World's Hottest Athlete" contest -- and it wasn't even close. We voted for the Feres Twins (this is a big reason why), but it's hard to argue with Keibler winning "hottest" anything. In another important tournament, you may recall that The Max was trying to determine which athlete most out-kicked his coverage. Well, it's down to the finals and it's Tim Hasselbeck vs. Jeff Garcia. We'd be shocked if this is competitive. Garcia's wifeCarmella is a billion times hotter than that annoying chick from The View.

Cable's Cruel World

CBS' Jim Nantzseems to have taken issue with ESPN scooping up the rights to the BCS. The veteran broadcaster is concerned about how many big sporting events are off of free tv and now on cable.

Photo Of The Day

You gotta see this shot of a Ravens player tackling Brian Westbrook.

610 Days Til LeBron Is A Knick?

LeBron James :: New York Daily News, New York Post

In case you missed it Saturday night, LeBron Jamesthrew down a couple of vicious dunks against the Hawks. This will only make New Yorkers salivate even more at the prospect of King James coming to the Big Apple in 2010, because the countdown has begun -- literally.

From Out Of Nowhere...

From Brock Lesnar to Tony Romo to Ricky Vaughn -- yes, Major League's Ricky Vaughn -- Pyle of List is looking at the Top 12 Fast Risers in Sports History. On the other end of the spectrum, Mondesi's House looks at 10 NFL players who rose, fell and now rose again.

Saints Act Like Sinners?

Players on the New Orleans Saints don't like their owner -- they REALLY don't like their owner.

Shahi, Hometown Hotties, Cowboys Cheerleader

We just added three new features to the Hot Clicks group on Facebook.

Campus Clicks

It was a beautiful Saturday for Oklahoma and Syracuse. :: Icon SMI

It was a weekend of CFB train wrecks and joy ... The best CFB rivalries and rivalry game trophies ... Memphis helps early bracketology stay relevant ... A sneak-peek at Mack Brown's recruiting tape.

Sports Video Of The Day

We featured this kid's 2007 highlight reel a little while back. Here are his 2008 clips.

NBA Video Of The Day

Here's an all new rap song that touches on LeBron James, Greg Oden, Chris Bosh and Chris Paul.


Banned Commercials Of The Day

Three banned commercials in one video.

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