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Top NCAA Football TV personalities: Hot Clicks

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Just To Hold You Over Until Monday...

Elisha Cuthbert:: Getty Images

Jeff Northcott, of Hamilton Ontario, e-mailed to say "I know Turkey Day is a big day for Americans, but what about us North of the border? I am sure I speak for all Canadians when I say we have dearly missed our Hot Clicks Thursday. But there is a way you can redeem yourself... A double shot of, say, Elisha Cuthbert, a true Canadian beauty." OK, Jeff, your double shot of Elisha Cuthbert is above, and I'll even throw in this link, which contains a slew of Cuthbert pictures. But that's all you're getting from us today. We need to get back to the Thanksgiving leftovers and college football.


We haven't stalked Erin Andrews in a while, so we figured the holiday season would be a good time to start up again. Plus, this gives us a chance to call out The Love of Sports. The site has put together this mostly solid list of the Top 10 NCAA Football TV Personalities. However, it left off E.A., saying "Is she attractive? Sure. Does she warrant 10,000 words across 217 different blog posts per day? No." Um, yes. Yes, she does.

Speaking Of Announcers...

Hugging Harold Reynolds has put together a hilarious piece comparing various sports announcers to Thanksgiving Day foods you'll have on your table Thursday.

Speaking Of Food...

With food and football being the two main staples of Thanksgiving, this is the perfect time to check out, a brand new site dedicated to bring you loads of detailed information about the grub offered at stadiums and arenas throughout the country.

Speaking Of Thanksgiving Football...

The Bleacher Report explains how you can turn your Thanksgiving "Into 24 Hours Of Sports Escapism." Meanwhile, In Game Now looks back at the 13 best Thanksgiving Day football games of all time. Lastly, Mental Floss provides us with a history lesson on why the Lions and Cowboys play every Turkey Day.

Lucky Chucky

Jon Gruden :: Al Messerschmidt/Getty

Food Court Lunch is celebrating the various facial expressions of Tampa Bay Bucs coach Jon Gruden.

Random Links

Ten Greatest Videos of Animals Playing Sports ... Two Iowa fans did the only natural thing after just watching their Hawkeyes destroy Minnesota, 55-0 -- they had sex in a Metrodome bathroom. Unfortunately for them, they got busted. ... Tirico Suvae uses its Photoshop skills to offer Shaun Alexander some future job suggestions.

E-Mail Of The Day

Patrick S., Tucson, Ariz., says "So, I've been an avid reader of Hot Clicks for the past year or so and I've noticed Mrs. Jeff Garcia (Carmela) has been featured many a time. Now don't get me wrong, she's absolutely beautiful, but the pictures you feature of her (SI Swimsuit) don't do her justice in any respect. I, as a reader and Carmela fan, would like to see better pictures of her in the future. I know she was a Playboy model, but I'm sure there's some out there that can be featured." Patrick, I'm glad you sent this in. I couldn't agree more. We'd love to feature Carmella even more. We're big fans. But, you're right, the photos I have at my disposal don't do her justice. Outside of the SI Swimsuit pics you mentioned (we've always wondered what was up with that unflattering bathing suit), there are only a handful of her on our wire service. And I can't really link to her Playboy pics. So my hands are tied. The best I can do for you is link to this and this.

Second E-Mail Of The Day

Rob Greene, of Pittsfield, Mass., says "A few weeks back you guys featured a link on Hot Clicks about "The Snuggie." I thought this thing looked pretty cool, and being a 22-year-old guy making a run at being self-sufficient, sometimes the bills stack up, and a couple days without heat ensue. This being said, I figured the Snuggie would help in these tough times. I was wrong. The term "One size fits most adults" is a crock of s---. I am an average sized guy, 6-foot-1, 215 pounds with a 48" chest, and 50 some-odd inch shoulders. I am no human giant, but this thing is like a chintzy bathrobe for a child that I'm trying to squeeze into. Furthermore, on the order screen, I got roped into upgrading to the "double thick" model for an extra $5. I figured this to be a worthy investment, and I ended up with a fleece material with a thickness somewhere between dish towel, and bath towel. Pathetic. I am sure glad they were buy one, get one free, as i have now accumulated two Christmas presents for a couple of females in my life. The only perk to this stupid gimmick." Wow. What a story -- and a great finish at the end. We're sorry you got screwed, but we must say, we're still in shock that you actually ordered the thing. That being said, we saw this picture of President Bush the other day and we thought maybe he invested in the Snuggie as well.

Random Items Still In Our Inbox

Jacob Black, of Lancaster, Pa., wants us to know that Manny Ramirezhas a hot wife. And Jacob sent two links. ... Brian Elshoff, of Holland, Mich., sent us the Craigslist Item of the Day -- and it involves Ninjas.

LeBron's Future Homecoming

LeBron James fans :: AP

The Hoop Doctors recapLeBron James' visit last night to his possible place of future employment -- Madison Square Garden.

New Stuff On Facebook

For an amusing take on Jessica Alba's memorable pose, check out our Hot Clicks group on Facebook.

Campus Clicks

We should all be thankful for Amanda (center) and the Oregon Ducks. :: Bruce Yeung/Yeung Photography

Turkey Day's here, and SIOC's very thankful ... Ten of the most entertaining turkey moments ... Which college coach is SI's Turkey of the Year ... We have a reason to play your favorite video.

Sports Video Of The Day

What else could we possibly feature here today but a little diddy about the Detroit Lions and Thanksgiving?

More funny videos from the "ryanparkersongs's channel" channel at

Thanksgiving Video Of The Day

Stacy Keibler and Trish Stratus celebrate the holiday.

Dorm Room Injury Of The Day

It would've been cool if it worked. (Thanks to Dave, from for the link.)

Terribly Painful Ramp Stunt Failure - Watch more free videos

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