Michael Phelps' SI Collection

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Michael Phelps was named SI 2008 Sportsman of the Year on Tuesday. Here are several stories and photo galleries chronicling Phelps' rise to glory over the years:

Gallery:Michael Phelps' Golden Journey

Gallery:Michael Phelps' SI Covers

Gallery:Phelps' Frame-By-Frame Win at the 100-meter Butterfly

Gallery:Michael Phelps' SI on Campus Photo Shoot

We Are All WitnessesBy Susan Casey, August 25, 2008Michael Phelps now belongs to history. For the rest of us the memories -- and indelible images -- of the Greatest Olympic Performance Ever won't be forgotten anytime soon.

Eight Is Not EnoughBy S.L. Price, August 25, 2008

Gold MindBy Susan Casey, August 18, 2008In a week of new records and high drama Michael Phelps went deep into his own head to push his body into uncharted waters.

The QuestBy Susan Casey, July 28, 2008A story of what it takes to win eight gold medals, in eight parts.

Lock Meets LochteBy Kelli Anderson, July 7, 2008In launching his quest for eight gold medals, Michael Phelps barely held off Ryan Lochte, the best swimmer you've never heard of.

Mind BogglingBy Brian Cazeneuve, April 9, 2007By demolishing records and winning seven -- should have been eight -- golds at the worlds, Michael Phelps left his sport awestruck.

Only HumanBy Brian Cazeneuve, August 1, 2005Michael Phelps fizzled in his first event at the world championships but didn't waste any time bouncing back.

Tarnished Gold?By Brian Cazeneuve, November 22, 2004A DUI bust could take Olympic champ Michael Phelps out of the fast lane.

Quite A SplashdownBy Brian Cazeneuve, October 18, 2004Riding the wave of his Athens success, Michael Phelps went on a 15-city victory tour that surprised even him.

Break Out the BubblyBy Kelli Anderson, August 30, 2004In a roller-coaster week for U.S. swimmers, Michael Phelps won eight medals, but his finest stroke may have been an act of kindness.

Water BoyBy Rick Reilly, August 30, 2004There went Michael Phelps again, virtually alone in the water, churning like a Waring blender, going after one last goal--a $5 blue-and-white inflatable kids' raft.

Water CraftBy Tim Layden, August 23, 2004Michael Phelps's ambitious gold rush hit a couple of bronze bumps, but he remained the center of attention as his medal haul grew, befitting the world's most versatile swimmer.Why He's So GoodBy Tim Layden, August 2, 2004Four swimming greats critique Michael Phelps's strokes.

Michael PhelpsBy Tim Layden, August 2, 2004Hold Your Breath. The prodigy from Baltimore is about to attempt the greatest feat in Olympic history.

Spitz TakeBy Brian Cazeneuve, February 23, 2004U.S. swimmer Michael Phelps could win more medals in Athens than some guy named Mark -- if he can just decide which of his many strokes to unleash. Phelps Is On The WayBy Brian Cazeneuve, April 14, 2003Michael Phelps announced himself as an Olympic favorite after winning three events at the U.S. Nationals.

SwimmingBy Brian Cazenueve, August 6, 2001Michael Phelps may be wet behind the ears, but he was fast beyond his years at the worlds.