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Cheer Up

Eagles cheerleader, Amy:: Courtesy of PhiladelphiaEagles.com

T-Rex, of Oklahoma City, e-mailed yesterday to say "Jimmy, Hot Clicks is my first stop every day when I get on the computer. But between the Perry Ellis ad that covered up my page and the lack of links to hot women, you had a bad day. I'll chalk it up to the long Thanksgiving weekend. You usually do a good job, so I expect that you'll bounce back on Tuesday." T-Rex, I thank you for giving me a second chance. The Perry Ellis glitch was fixed pretty quickly. As for the links to hot women, I'll just play the cheerleader card. First up, Chuck, of Albuquerque, N.M., says "Jimmy, I nominate Amy from the Philadelphia Eagles as the best-looking cheerleader from what is probably the most beautiful of all the NFL's cheerleading teams." ... NFLJuice.com cuts right to the chase and just provides photos of what it's calling the "Top 9 Cheerleader Leg Kicks" ... And Blaze of Love mixes cheerleaders with the holiday season by presenting this gallery of NBA dancers wearing Christmas outfits.

Hit Me With Your Best Shot

Yesterday, we brought you video of the vicious hit Steelers safety Ryan Clark put on Patriots wide receiver Wes Welker. The nasty shot has inspired The Angry T to look back at the 15 most bone-crunching hits in the NFL and college this season.

Giant Fun

Hot on the heels of yesterday's "A Burress Story" by Tirico Suave comes a little song about the Giants wide receiver set to 50 Cent's In Da Club.

Looking Back

Mark Mangino :: Courtesy of Deadspin

As the calendar turns to December, people inevitably look back at the year that was. Deadspin has already started its contest to determine the 2008 Sports Human Of The Year (and while we don't want to influence the vote, anyone who doesn't vote for Baby Mangino in every round is an idiot), while Food Court Lunch has already written its "Year In Sports" wrapup. Well, Hot Clicks doesn't want to be left out. We'll be asking you to vote next week in the first ever Clicksy Awards (you just have to put a "y" at the end of something to call it an "award," right?), where we'll honor the best and worst of Hot Clicks from the past year. We have a committee working on nominations now, but we can tell you that some of the categories include Best Rick Roll, Best Video of an Athlete Singing, Most Bizarre Off-Field Story, Most Memorable Betting Story and Most Embarrassing Injury. There will be plenty more, plus a slew of categories featuring the women regularly seen in Hot Clicks.

For The Fake Athletes...

What would happen if EA Sports created an adult men's softball video game? Joe Sports Fan tries to find out.

Random Links

Lane Kiffinis doing all right for himself, and not because he just became the head coach of the Tennessee Volunteers. ... Brahsome.com has compiled the 18 funniest motivational posters ... Lasty, for the cougar-lovers out there, 40 attractive women over 40.

A New Feature

Marisa Miller

Today's celebrity 2009 calendar: Marisa Miller.

A WAG For The Ages On Facebook

We've featured Adam Archuleta's girlfriend, Jennifer Walcott, a couple of times in Hot Clicks. We strongly suggest you check our Hot Clicks group on Facebook for more of her. Speaking of WAGs, On205th.com is counting down the top 100 WAGs of 2009. Meanwhile, The Spoiler is counting down the 25 days of Christmas by using WAGs.

Campus Clicks

The Nittany Lion's legal indiscretions must horrify JoePa. :: Randy Litzinger/Icon SMI : AP

The Nittany Lion's getting in on PSU's legal woes ... Michigan State is starting a state billboard war ... A BCS formula-maker has a small Sooner bias ... UT fans are really excited about Layla Kiffin.

Sports Video Of The Day

Chris Cooley spends an average day in his Redskins uniform and helmet. If the video isn't appearing for you, can you find it here. (Thanks to Eric B., of Arlington, Va., for the link.)

Crying Video Of The Day

Via TheFightins.com comes this clip of a man who can't handle the fact that his public library is closing down. (Warning: Link contains strong language.)

Hawaii Chair Video Of The Day

Yesterday, we brought you an infomercial for the Hawaii chair. Well, John, of Oklahoma City, says "You need to check out the Hawaii chair in action with G4 TV's Olivia Munn."

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