Florida drops below more deserving Big 12 teams

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I made a small "adjustment" to my ballot this week, dropping Florida from second to fourth. This was by no fault of the Gators, who rolled off their eighth-straight lopsided victory Saturday. The problem is their conference.

As the season has progressed, all those SEC teams Florida had been beating up on -- Georgia, LSU, South Carolina, Kentucky and Vanderbilt -- have been exposed as frauds. At this point, only one of the Gators' victims, Georgia, remains in any of the polls, and even then in the low teens. (Ironically, the one team Florida lost to, Ole Miss, has since entered the rankings.)

Simply put, the Gators don't deserve to be ahead of Texas or Oklahoma right now. But before any of you conspiracy theorists start blasting my inbox, this is not part of some ploy to see the Sooners and 'Horns rematch in Miami. If Florida knocks off 12-0, top-ranked Alabama this weekend, they will most certainly move back into my top two, if not No. 1.

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