The Mullens-Kroes Connection: Campus Clicks

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She's Got the Post Presence

B.J. Mullens and Doutzen Kroes are both strong and physically imposing presences. :: Getty Images

If you've ever looked at Ohio State freshman phenom B.J. Mullens and thought, "boy, oh boy, does he remind me of underwear model Doutzen Kroes," you're not alone. There The Angry T was, minding its own business and thinking about college hoops when, bam, the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show came on and hampered his powers of concentration. But, voila, out of the feathers and glitter, a new idea emerged: Comparing college basketball's young stars to the models walking the runway. This isn't just a list for the long and lean. UCLA's Jrue Holiday made the cut, too. In case you didn't know it intuitively, he's just like the small but explosive Erin Heatherton.

Victory's Only a Bite Away

Time for a little disclaimer: We try to avoid linking to the plethora of "Charlie Weis,Mark Mangino and Ralph Friedgen are overweight" posts out there because we think they're mean. But the public thirsts for anti-Weis media like a junkie thirsts for crack, and darn it, we feel compelled to be your humble dealer. So, head over to Lion in Oil and play "A Charlie Weis Thanksgiving!" where you can help the embattled coach eat his way to victory. Make sure your volume's on, because the audio's a treat (no pun intended).

The Last Word (On Everything)

This just in: The BCS has declared Germany the winner of World War II (the U.S. came in at No. 4). Guess it's time for us all to move on from the Big 12 title game/BCS hoopla.

Now Onto Screw-up No. 5...

No Tommy, you guys won five games this year, not four. :: AP

Despite the fact that Tommy Tuberville had been on the hot seat most of the season, many football analysts and fans were still puzzled to hear he'd be stepping down as Auburn's head coach. Sure, the Tigers are 5-7 this year, but Ross Perot's long-lost twin led Auburn to an 85-40 mark during his decade as coach, including a 13-0 2004 season. Old news, says Rumors and Rants. The SEC's a "what have you done for me lately?" kind of place, and Tuberville produced a laundry list of screw-ups this season.

A Lil' Bit of Productivity

We doubt many of you harbored delusions that Lil' Romeo would start his USC hoops career in O.J. Mayo fashion, so you're probably not disappointed that the rapper-turned-undergrad baller's only amassed one bucket and one board so far.

LIVE From Your Frat House

Day after day, college kids find new and innovative ways to squelch stereotypes. Props to Arizona's SAE frat brothers for showing the world there's more to frat life than keg stands and basement hazing. ASU and Arizona faceoff this Saturday in the Territorial Cup, and Sports 620 KTAR's been broadcasting live from the SAE house all week. Even Wildcats coach Mike Stoops is going to swing by for a webcam chat tonight.

Rewrite History for Your Own Sake

For college basketball fans, the burn from March losses runs deep. Boosh knows this, which is why the site's partnered up with EA Sports and put together a little time-traveler contest in which participants replay key games from last season. So if you think virtual reality can sooth your soul (or if you just want the chance to win a copy of NCAA Basketball '09), enter the "Remember Last Season Give Away" now.

California, Here We Come

File this away under the "depressing, but not surprising" category: An independent report on American higher education has flunked 49 states for college affordability. As if any of us needed one more reason to want to move to California.

Pop Culture Nugget

If we're to believe, Coldplay's the most popular band in the universe. By far.

Today In Hot Clicks

Marisa Miller :: Courtesy of

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Odds and Ends

Harvard officials don't like when Chinese water heater companies rip off their name ... Rotating stadium seats: A genius notion, or a fools hope? ... A new TV plan for Jimmy V week ... Your nightly bracketology.

The Jayhawk Jive

See, Dicky V's not only partial the Duke. He also loves Kansas cheerleaders.

Orange You Glad senior producer Ryan Cost hit the nail on the head when he e-mailed us this video from Greg Robinson's final press conference: "No crying ... but a lot of whining for a guy who won 10 games in four years."

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