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For those who missed the Victoria's Secret show: Hot Clicks

Recent Hot Clicks 12-4-08: Must-watch Victoria's Secret show 12-2-08: We play the cheerleader card 12-01-08: Brent Musburger obsessed with Beyonce 11-26-08: Top 10 NCAA Football TV Personalities 11-25-08: Kardashian, Bush play "The Newlywed Game" 11-24-08: Keibler wins "Hottest Athlete" contest 11-21-08: Soccer team given porn if it wins games 11-20-08: MVPs on the diamond and on the tube 11-19-08: Feres Twins vs. Bella Twins 11-18-08: Victoria's Secret model mystery solved 11-17-08: Betting, Victoria's Secret highlight the weekend 11-14-08: Entertainers of the Year

Now THIS Is A Travesty

Marisa Miller :: Courtesy of

After the way we led yesterday's Hot Clicks, we have no choice but to kick off today's edition with this e-mail that we received early this morning from Jay, of Searcy, Ark.: "I just wanted to let you know that I didn't sleep very well last night, actually I tossed and turned because I was very upset. My local affiliate TV station decided not to run the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show last night due to many complaints about the content. I had to shut the TV off and just go to bed. I am not very well rested today, could you please find something to cheer me up?" First of all, Jay, you should move. You shouldn't live in a place that can't understand the importance of the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show. Second of all, when you realized your affiliate wasn't airing the show, you could've just gone here. Lastly, since we do try to help and honor all requests, our way of cheering you up is with new Marisa Millerpics from

Two Must-See Basketball Videos

Here's one of the best game-winning shots you'll ever see in a basketball game. On a totally different note, here's a mashup featuring Dwight Howard and Ivan Drago. Yes, Dwight Howard and Ivan Drago from Rocky IV.

A Bunch Of Random Items

Hot Clicks favorite Kim Kardashiantalks about being part of a celebrity couple. More important (and this is why we are fans), she's going out of her way to dispel rumors that she WON'T do Playboy. ... Fan IQ is introducing us to the UK version of Erin Andrews. ... Uncoached isn't just pitting NFL cheerleaders against NBA dancers. It's breaking down the battle city by city. ... Soccer star Rafael Van der Vaartonce got suspended on purpose so he could be at his wife's birthday party. When you see her, you'll know why. ... And Rumors and Rants wants to remind us of some hard-to-believe Adriana Lima news.

Cavs Fans Fight Back

Cavaliers fans :: AP

After all the talk the past couple of weeks about LeBron James coming to the Big Apple in 2010, Cleveland fans got a chance to send New York a message Wednesday night, when the Knicks paid the Cavaliers a visit. These fans voiced their opinions, but New Yorkers are still dreaming big.

Christmas Lists Exposed

Food Court Lunch has done some undercover work and found the Christmas wish lists for several athletes.


In what is one of the most surreal photo galleries we've ever linked to, Matt, of Fort Lauderdale, Fla., sends us this look at unbelievable X-rays.

Today's Celebrity Calendar

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SI Recommends

Jessica Alba

Jessica Albais in a 2009 calendar for Campari liquor.

A WAG For The Ages On Facebook

We've featured Adam Archuleta's girlfriend, Jennifer Walcott, a couple of times in Hot Clicks. We strongly suggest you check our Hot Clicks group on Facebook for more of her. Speaking of WAGs, is counting down the top 100 WAGs of 2009. Meanwhile, The Spoiler is counting down the 25 days of Christmas by using WAGs.

Campus Clicks

B.J. Mullens and Doutzen Kroes are both strong and physically imposing presences. :: Getty Images

Comparing freshman hoopsters and V.S. models ... Play the "A Charlie Weis Thanksgiving!" game ... What if the BCS extended its reach this far? ... Video: Greg Robinson's tearless farewell.

Sports Video Of The Day

We figured this was a fun time to look back at the top 10 Sean Avery moments. This was made in April, so his latest antics are missing.

Instructional Video Of The Day

This video, sent to us by Todd, of Johnstown, Pa., may or may not be a little unfair to old people, but if you're like us and have a relative who doesn't have a clue about using a computer (or in our case, can't even work the mouse), you can appreciate it. Actually, we don't know why we said "relative." We can just say "dad" since we know he'll never see this.

Surreal Shooting Video Of The Day

Mike Federer, of Philadelphia, writes "You think that it might have done Plaxico some good to have watched and learned from this cop?

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