It Smells Like Team Spirit: Campus Clicks

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Eau De Campus

We suspect Florida smells like a tasty Tebow fillet to 'Bama's Terrence Cody. :: AP : Masik

Let's be honest, college smells like stale beer, dried-up library books and melting cheese. Despite this universal truth, a company called Masik is creating perfumes and colognes that " a school's essence and spirit to fragrance composition." The folks at Campus Compare have as much school spirit as anyone, but that doesn't mean they want to walk around smelling like their student sections. Still, it's their duty to break down the soon-to-be-released aromas, because how else would you know UNC smells like fresh Sicilian lemon and bergamot, or Florida smells like a freshly roasted Tebow fillet (at least to Terrence Cody)?

A Legion of Fans and Fools

Here's a little message from the folks at Is Not a Wasteland: There are three reasons so many people believe Texas' win over Oklahoma should have settled the Big 12 South's three-way tie, but give no credence to Texas Tech's head-to-head win over Texas -- they're Texas fans, they base their opinions on stats and facts alone or they're idiots. Not ones to mince words, those INW guys.

Night Owls and White Owls

Today, Tailgating Nation's swinging by Kansas, where basketball's roots run deep, the cheerleaders dance with Dicky V and the White Owl roams free. It's been a while since we've had reason to mention the White Owl. It feels like coming home again.

See, The Pac-10 Has Something to Offer

Tempe 12's ASU and Arizona models are exciting for the weekend matchup. :: Courtesy of Tempe 12

It's the final weekend for Pac-10 football, and we're sure when it's all over you, like us, will shed a tear (of joy). While anticipating tomorrow's games, you could read game previews, keep tabs on Mike Stoops' latest quotes or stand vigil by Tommy Trojan. Or, you could just watch Tempe 12's ASU-Arizona and USC-UCLA model duels. Your choice.

The Requisite Bowl Travel Guide

If you're going to travel across the country to see your team lose in a bowl game (sorry, but in case we haven't told you, we root for Syracuse and Baltimore sports teams, so sometimes the pessimism takes hold) you might as well make the most of your mini-vacation. Good thing the Professional Travel Guide's putting together a bowl-by-bowl guide so you and your travel buddies know where to stay, where to eat and where to drown your sorrows after that triple-OT loss. Oh, and Notre Dame fans? If The Love of Sports has its way, you guys won't be travelling anywhere.

Stereotypes: Good For GPA

Some people say it's wrong to stereotype, but those people don't need helpful tricks to get A's in college. If you do, head over to Boosh and read up on the six types of professors (from Professor Murmur to Professor Bangastudent) and how to exploit their stereotypical dispositions for your own benefit.

Lace 'Em Up, Whitey

We're wondering if this list of reasons to hate Duke qualifies as reverse racism.

Longing for the Cornfields

It's all well and good when a football coach ends up at his alma mater. No possible conflicts of loyalty, then. But when a coach leads his current team against his former team, some cognitive dissonance must ensue. Because you can never know too much about the nation's top coaches (and because games are fun), Simon on Sports put together a coach-themed "What College Did I Go To" quiz. Best of luck.

Pop Culture Nugget

Whether or not you like 30 Rock, you'll probably enjoy the top eight Tracy Morgan moments.

Today In Hot Clicks

Underwear models :: Chris Farina/Getty Images

Used MLB underwear on eBay -- for $9.99 ... Worst overreactions ever ... Swisher's squeeze ... Plaxico Burress comic ... Spicing up NFL games ... Video: Best TD celebrations ... The wunder boner.

Odds and Ends

Get ready for the Pat White Out ... The 10 great moments in beer history ... Tommy, this Auburn fan wants you back ... It's been a rough weekend for former Michigan State wide receivers.

Leaving it all on the Field

All you up-and-coming safeties and cornerbacks, take note: A dread lock tackle does not a horse collar tackle make. (Stay tuned for the close-up of the pulled-out dread.)

Buckeye Banter

What did we take away from this? Everyone at Ohio State thinks they're really good at basketball.

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