Florida Wins ... Again: Campus Clicks

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What We Learned

Tim Tebow and Urban Meyer have gotten used to winning. :: AP

Another weekend, another reason to hate Florida (especially if you're a 'Bama fan or have an inferiority complex). This week, we learned The Nicktator actually knows what "loyalty" means, college football fans were about as excited to watch the ACC title game as they'd have been to watch a Liza Minelli one-woman show, and camouflage sports uniforms are always a tragic misstep, even for Army.

It's Time to Say Goodbye

Fire Rich Rod's saying goodbye to college football, and not just because it's over (at least for Michigan). The site's saying goodbye for good, because it just can't stand the pain any longer. Things between it and the NFL may not be as explosive or spontaneous, but at least the NFL doesn't crush it so coldly. Trust Rich Rod to drive a man to write a goodbye letter to college football couched entirely in relationship metaphors.

Now You're on the Map

We'd like to congratulate the North Florida cheerleaders and dancers for single-handedly alerting the blogosphere to the school's existence. With pompoms and silver boots that would make your neighborhood call girl proud, the UNF ladies entertained the sparse home basketball crowd, and the folks at Busted Coverage took notice. We'd also like to congratulate the guy in the front row who kept taking pictures. Few people can pull of the Santa hat and Hawaiian shirt tandem so well.

Add a Branch to the Carroll Coaching Tree

Washington fans spent most of this season wearing pumpkins or bags over their heads. :: Kevin P. Casey/Icon SMI

Pete Carroll's a big talker, so it's no surprise he confirmed offensive coordinator Steve Sarkisian would be leaving USC to become Washington's new head coach before Sarkisian or UW. And really, who can blame him for being genuinely elated one of his prized pupil's inheriting a scandal-ridden and winless team? When asked about the task at hand, Sarkisian summed it up with admirable brevity, saying, "The only way to go is up."

But...But...We're Texas...

Nothing against Texas, but this is one of the best signs we've seen all year. Subtle, but a kick-'em-while-they're-down stab to the jugular nonetheless. While we're talking about fan signs and photos, TV Tan Line put together a funky 2008 GameDay mosaic. Remember responsibly.

It's Never Too Early to Outthink Yourself

The best thing about the online sports community is you're bound to find someone who shares your views. So, we've got good news for the gambling fiends among you who've been waiting for someone to tell you it's OK to start thinking about your NCAA bracket even though it's not even 2009. The Daily Gopher's got all the tips, but here's the most important: Don't be the kid who picks another team just because you know everyone else will pick UNC. Everyone else will pick UNC, so you're going to feel really dumb when the Tar Heels go the distance and all you've got is a crinkled piece of paper and shattered dreams.

Here's Your Consolation Prize

From the folks at Gunaxin: "So we had this sweet gallery of the Alabama girls that we put up on Saturday, and then they had to go and lose. The girls are still hot, and somebody is going to have to console the losing Crimson Tide, right?" Right, indeed.

The Private School Contingent

Surely by now, you've all heard of Stuff White People Like. (If you haven't, head on over, because it's good for a laugh, especially if you're a The Wire fan.) But as far as the guys at That's So Fetch are concerned, the real comedy gold comes from listing the things white people (particularly suburban white people), don't like. You know, like taxes, public schools and long Starbucks lines. To be fair to all the suburbanites out there, we're pretty sure urbanites don't like taxes or Starbucks lines, either.

Pop Culture Nugget

If you like famous, attractive women and Rolling Stone, this link is for you.

Today In Hot Clicks

Gisele Bundchen :: Kristian Dowling/Getty Images

Clicksy Awards plug ... Athlete signature moves ... Big Baby cries, Viking exposed, coach punched ... First Plaxico, now Eli ... Bizarre products ... Video: Kid wows Rutgers crowd ... Awful ad.

Odds and Ends

How would you like to be known as a Dick Katcher alum? ... Never fun when an 80-plus game winning streak ends in the state finals ... A literal and figurative White Out ... We agree, and would like to see Turner Gill in Syracuse, stat.

Cowboy Up

We're hoping for one more post-bowl video from 'Bama enthusiast Cowboy, but this'll do for now. We're impressed with his humility (but not as impressed as we are with the extended, dramatic silence to open the clip). Warning: Clip includes strong language.

A Real Beamer

We've always said conference-title games are the one place where athletes could get away with punching their coaches.

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