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Solve This Puzzle

If Colt McCoy were a holiday gift, he'd be a Rubik's Cube. :: AP

If Colt McCoy's face inexplicably flashes into your mind whenever you're trying to solve a Rubik's Cube, you're not alone. Sako knows that around this time, two thoughts consume most minds: Who's going to win the Heisman, and what should I buy so-and-so for the holidays? It's only natural, then, that he decided to combine the two and put together a list of Heisman contenders and the holiday gifts they match with best. If you ask us, Graham Harrell is definitely the coolest gift. It's all right to be a bulldog (like Tebow) or a G.I. Joe (like Bradford), but being a Lite Brite is downright awesome.

Underwear: Don't Leave Home Without Them

We've got a fair bit of underwear news for you today, kids. First, students at Allegheny College decided to show their support for the environment by plastering bras and underwear all over town. There's a method behind their madness, we assure you. Secondly, we told you yesterday that a UCLA undie run is imminent, but the kids at Tufts beat the Bruins to it. We were a tad alarmed to hear these kids were dashing around in their skivvies in below-freezing temperatures, but's Bryan Graham assured us hot cocoa was provided.

Signs of the Past

Each Monday this season we linked to posts on the best GameDay signs. Now, with the regular season over, Tree's Trunk has compiled a massive GameDay year in review, and it's chock-full of familiar faces, hilarious signs and, yes, candid cheerleader shots.

SIOC, Solving Mysteries The World Over

Are Tim Tebow and Tyler Hansbrough alter egos?. :: Kelly Kline/Icon SMI : AP

Yesterday, we told you about The Big Lead's "the media's love affair with Tyler Hansbrough and Tim Tebowhas got to end" rant. Today, we're telling you about Bleacher Report's "Tyler Hansbrough and Tim Tebow are alter egos" theory. Think about it. Have we ever seen these two kids in the same place at the same time? Negative. We're guessing B/R thinks orange hair dye and cleverly concealed stilts are involved, but we know the sure way to prove this true or false. Look to see if Hansbrough nuzzles his head against his teammates after a big play or big win. If not, he's not Tebow. Remember kids, there's always a tell. Stomping conspiracy theories is a tough job, but someone's got to do it.

Primed For Success

In case you haven't noticed, there's been a lot of discussion and debate about who deserves to take home the Heisman trophy. While the folks at Major League Jerk were sitting back thinking about how Heisman success doesn't always translate to pro success, they decided to look at which awards do. If you're a Hobey Baker award winner, congratulations. You're going to have a fine, fine professional hockey career.

BCS Haters, Unite!

It's been a big week for BCS bashers. Yesterday, Congressman Joe Barton of Texas announced his intention to introduce anti-BCS, pro-playoff legislation in the House of Representatives. In case you're wondering, Barton didn't specify what type of playoff he wants, only that the BCS must go. Sort of gave off a store closing "EVERYTHING MUST GO!" vibe. A few days prior, the BCS Watchdog launched a Web site dedicated to ridding the world of the BCS' ills. We like the site's mascot, Ruff. It looks like he's smiling and contemplating murder at the same time.

Tennessee Athletics, This Is Not SIOC Talking

Is it flattering or really insulting when a blogger tells the world a certain woman looks exactly like a certain porn star? Guess you'll have to ask Layla Kiffin.

Roast Those Chestnuts

If Palm's new "Claus" advertising campaign has inspired a whole slew of Father Christmas humor for you, you're in luck, because's first Roast Santa contest is here. So submit your Santa joke, because if it's funny, the site will pay you.

Pop Culture Nugget

Unless you want a lecture on our legal system's many merits, don't tell Dave Letterman you've got a stalker.

Today In Hot Clicks

Jessica Simpson :: Courtesy of

2008 Clicksy Awards: Videos of the Year ... Heisman Trophy quiz ... ... Who's Smash-and-Dash? ... Bevy of lists ... Video: Barry Sanders Jr. ... Cindy Crawford.

Odds and Ends

Eric Devendorfjust broke our heart ... This is not a story for people who like punting ... You wouldn't necessarily want to eat these gingerbread houses, but you probably wouldn't mind gawking at them for hours ... Get your Stephen Curry facts.

Dance, Dance Revolution

UNC students are in the thick of exams, but they'd rather watch basketball -- or throw a spontaneous flash dance rave in the school library.

Bust a BCS Rhyme

If you like white rappers, playoff systems and multicolored sweatbands, this anti-BCS rap is for you.


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