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How 'Bout Dem Cowboys?

Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders :: Evan Agostini/Getty Images

The Cowboys kept their season alive with a hard-fought win in one of the most unwatchable NFL games of the season. When a game has that many penalties -- especialy false-start penalties -- they should just cancel it and let everyone go home. Regardless of the uglieness, the Cowboys' soap opera is front and center today. After the victory, Terrell Owens went off on ESPN's Ed Werder. Meanwhile, the Cowboys are reminding of a holiday staple: National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation. In fact, there's a Cowboy for every character in the movie. And if you want more Cowboys cheerleaders, here's a special one.

Cleveland's Couch Case

A big court case gets underway today, and it could have a big impact on sports fans in Cleveland. At stake is whether fans will be allowed to drive motorized couches to the stadium. Yes, motorized couches.

Ref Roughed Up

Lost in the commotion of Shaun Ellis' fumble return for a touchdown at the end of yesterday's Bills-Jets game was referee Jeff Tripplette getting leveled and coming up with a bloody nose.

E-Mail Of The Day

Bengals toilet bowl:: Courtesy of

This landed in our inbox yesterday afternoon. It was sent by WhoDeyRevolution: "Today, WhoDeyRevolution has successfully organized the distribution of 1,000 urinal cakes inside Paul Brown Stadium with the following message: '98-186-1 - Get Pissed.' The Bengals have posted a 98-186-1 record with Mike Brown as Owner/GM over the last 18 years. Over this span, the Bengals have the lowest winning percentage among every team in all four major sports. It is a failure that starts right at the top. These urinal cakes were brought into the game by hundreds of WhoDey Revolutionaries and placed in every urinal at Paul Brown Stadium so Bengals fans can physically express their frustration with a team clearly not dedicated to winning. This operation has been given titled 'Put Your Yellow on Our Brown.' Clearly, the current management strategy has not been successful. It is time for a change. Please, Mike Brown: Hire a General Manager, give him control of player-personnel decisions, spend more on scouting, focus this offseason on offensive and defensive line depth and prove to Cincinnati that you are truly committed to winning. Until you do that, WhoDeyRevolution is going to be here pointing out where you continually fall short and taking action that will someday force you to make fundamental changes to how you run the team so that Bengals fans across the country and around the world can be proud to support a winning organization. Let the Mayhem continue. Viva la revolucion!"

Memorable Mistakes

Joe Sports Fan has a look at the most classic error cards of the baseball card collecting peak.

Barry Good

Last week, we brought you video of Barry Sanders Jr., showing off skills that would make his dad proud. Well, the high school freshman was at it again this weekend, scoring three touchdowns in the Oklahoma state finals.

Holiday Links

Our favorite site of the holiday season is It's a site for people to upload pictures of the worst gifts they've ever received. Someone has uploaded the John Rocker autographed hat and baseball. Meanwhile, Fan IQ thinks it's found the greatest Christmas present ever -- Star Wars sports jerseys. Lastly, Richard Simonin, of No. Providence, R.I., sends us something that truly exemplifies the meaning of Christmas -- photos from the 2008 Santa Speedo Run.


Some time last night, our Hot Clicks Facebook Group landed it's 10,000th member. We're celebrating the milestone by providing all of you with this link to The Complete Marisa Miller Web Gallery Index.

Campus Clicks

Auburn fans know Gene Chizik's Iowa State tenure was short on success. :: AP (2), Orlan H. Ree, Jr./Icon SMI

Auburn fans aren't impressed with Gene Chizik ... OU's low graduation rate offends Mike Leach ... Bobby Fraser is not dating Erin Andrews ... Helpful tips for making it through finals alive.

Sports Video Of The Day

This video that shows how frustrating it is to be a Redskins fan was made before Washington lost to the Bengals yesterday. We'd hate to see what condition this guy is in today. Oh, and the Air Supply is a great touch.

Commercial Of The Day

Rob, of Nashua, N.H., simply says "Possibly the worst thought out toy of our generation."

Shoe Throwing Video Of The Day

A ton of you sent us the video of the Iraqi journalist hurling a shoe at President Bush. Here's the clip for those of you who missed it. We like this version because of the excitable reporter.

Another Shoe Throwing Video Of The Day

How could we not after showing the previous video?

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