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College Bowl previews -- "Scrubs" style: Hot Clicks


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Bowl Bonanza

Sarah Chalke :: Getty Images

With bowl season kicking off Saturday, we've had some people ask if we're running another bowl pool. Unfortunately, we won't have the time to stay on top of things this year, so we can't organize the same exact pool as last season. However, we've started this bowl pick 'em game on Yahoo!, (the group to join is "SI's Hot Clicks") and even though it's straight picks with no spreads -- which sucks -- we'll have to settle for it. So, enter your picks, rank them based on your confidence in each pick and we'll hand out some prizes to the top finishers. If you need some help making picks, Is Not A Wasteland (which we originally thought was I Snot A Wasteland) has broken down all 34 bowl games -- Part I is here, Part II is here -- using quotes from the extremely underrated Scrubs, featuring the extremely underrated Sarah Chalke.

World Wide Comparison

Hugging Harold Reynolds has taken all of the holiday season staples -- fruitcake, Christmas lights, mistletoe, egg nog, the crazy uncle and much more -- and found their ESPN counterpart.

Shoe Happens

Ben R., of Royal Oak, Mich., and Mike, of Manville, N.J., both sent in the latest game of "Throw a show at George Bush." Meanwhile, Kenny Smithrecently tried to play a version of the game withCharles Barkley.

Speaking Of Charles Barkley...

Charles Barkley :: Getty Images

He plays a big role in this creative sports version of Twas the Night Before Christmas. While Food Court Lunch reworked Twas the Night Before Christmas, National Lampoon has reworked the titles of some interesting sports books.

Wacky Promotion Of The Day

Here are all the details for the upcoming "Carl Peterson -- Blame the GM Night" that will be held by the Wichita Thunder.

Random Links

Busted Coverage is holding a Blogger of the Year tournament that you should vote on ... If you're still alive in a Survivor/Knockout Pool, you probably don't need much advice, but here are some tips just in case ... Here's a gallery of embarrassingly awful hockey bobbleheads ... Speaking of hockey, preparations are underway for the Winter Classic, but things have gotten off to a rough start.

Last-Minute (Absurd) Gift Ideas

SI Recommends

George, of New York, sends in this, um, interesting statue ... Mark Simundza, Green Bay, Wisc., comes through with a link for those of you who want to buy a Festivus pole ... And if you're going to any kind of holiday party, you might want to bring your host some finger food party plates ... And here 10 more wacky gifts. (Thanks to Rob, of Austin, Texas, for the link.)

Let's Make A Deal

We try not to ask for too much from you guys, but this is going to be one of those rare times. We want you to read this story about Toys For Tots being nearly 250,000 toys short of what they handed out in 2007. Even if you can't come through with a toy, click the link and pass it along to as many people as you can. If you can at least do that, we can provide the following links you might be interested in: Photos of Miss World 2008; The Best Catfights of Women's Sports ... Nothing butAli Larter ... And last, but certainly not least, the 50 Women who Wowed us in 2008.

Today's 2009 Calendar

Girls of Brazil

The Girls of Brazil (whoever they are) have a 2009 swimsuit calendar on sale.

Must-See Video On Facebook

For more sexy Santas and a look at how detailed "hooking up" has become, check out our Hot Clicks Facebook Group.

Campus Clicks

Do Greg Oden and the Rose Bowl have something in common? :: AP : Randy Litzinger/Icon SMI

Bowl games and their Trail Blazer counterparts ... The five greatest moments of JoePa's career ... If you visit 'Bama, you'll go to The Fail Room ... Take your pick: Humanitarian Bowl or *blank*.

Sports Video Of The Day

Jude, of Urbana, Ill., sends in this intense hockey fight between Illinois and Western Michigan. It's mostly your standard hockey fight fare, except for the great throwdown between goaltenders at the 34-second mark. Those guys should now make this list of the top NHL Goons of Yesterday and Today.

Drunk Dial Video Of The Day

Mike, of New York, says "If only we had this every weekend..."

Commercial Of The Day

When a commercial ends with "Go ahead and give me a call or find me on them Internets," you know it's a winner. (Thanks to Erik inChicago, for the link.) And as a great companion to the video below is the Web site for this fine business.

The Real Commercial Video Of The Day

Someone needs to confirm whether this spot actually aired on TV. (Thanks to Mike McKenzie, of Winston-Salem, N.C., for the link.)

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