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Chomping on Mel

Tim Tebow challenged draft expert Mel Kiper about his NFL future. :: David Bergman/SI

Perhaps if Tim Tebow longed to one day run a blog where he could post photos of his own genitalia, he'd have been slightly more flattered when Mel Kiper wondered aloud if Tebow could be the next Chris Cooley. But alas, Tebow seems to have slightly higher ambitions, which is why it's no surprise he challenged the draft guru about all the "Tebow won't make a great NFL quarterback" smack he'd been talking. Tebow might be a Saint (seriously, performing circumcisions in third world countries is probably one of the steps toward Sainthood), but he's still got an ego. We like the fire.

Mediocrity Breeds Mediocrity

Man, this Chris Rix Lifetime Achievement Award business has picked up steam. So much steam, in fact, that Strait Pinkie was forced to create a slew of subcategory awards due to the sheer volume of reader submissions. So SIOC faithful, if you had something to do with the birth of The Casey Dick Crappy Quarterback Division, The Cherokee Parks Duke Basketball Division, The Jess Settles Assist to Injury/Transfer Division and more, give yourself a pat on the back.

You'll Know His Name

When the folks at The Legend of Cecilio Guante first heard about Michael Oher, he was a 13-year-old from a broken home who'd just been given a chance to experience a family's love and hone his raw football skills. Now, there's a good chance those who haven't read The Blind Side and followed Oher's career at Ole Miss ever since will hear the left tackle's name for the first time when Roger Goodell calls it during the first round of the NFL draft.

Add 'Coach Swap' To Your DVR

Did Auburn and Iowa State arrange a Gene Chizik-Paul Rhoads trade? :: AP

The folks at Vent About Sports smell a conspiracy theory, but we at SIOC smell a new reality series. We'll call it Coach Swap (and yes, we'll give the Wife Swap folks some credit for inspiring the title) and we'll keep the camera on the Auburn and Iowa State athletic departments to see if they exchange any more coaches during spring semester. Gene Chizik and Paul Rhoads will be available for commentary.

No Southern Comfort Here

Few things will dampen the holiday season (and a last-minute bowl win) quite like a horrifying injury. If rippling legs make you queasy, look away.

If The Glass Slipper Fits...

Is it too early to declare Illinois State the March Madness Cinderella squad no one will want to face? Not according to The Love of Sports.

The Poor Man's Winter Break

Winter break's here at last, but we know that during these harsh economic times, not everyone has the dough to jet off to a warm, interesting location. As always, CO-ED's here to help, this time by providing a series of tips on how to vacation without leaving your home. If you're capable of turning your room into a European hotel (think full suitcases and tiny bars of soap), acting like a moron on the streets and paying too much for everything, you're set.

The Battle in Seattle

Don't fret over the loss, Gonzaga. At least you were an integral part of Rush the Court's "Game of the Year (to date)." Yeah, we know, the parenthetical notation makes it a little less impressive.

Pop Culture Nugget

Match the celebrity with her tongue (yeah, you read that correctly).

Today In Hot Clicks

Stacy Keibler :: Getty Images

We announce the Clicksy Award Winners ... Wrapping up Week 16 in the NFL ... Top WAG ... Photos of the Year ... Top wrestling theme songs ... Video: Crazy TD ... Excited kid ... Jacko's face.

Odds and Ends

Your midweek college basketball pick 'em action ... Andy Kennedyexplains his decision to file a defamation suit ... The Percy Harvin watch continues ... Irish fans, get fired up for the Hawaii Bowl.

May The Force Be With You

In case you didn't know, Saturday was "Star Wars Day" at Ohio State. Now, we at SIOC love promotions as much as the next guy, but Storm Troopers standing guard at the pregame press conference? A tad much, perhaps.

Here's Your "H"

URI's Jimmy Baron enjoys draining three's against Duke and dominating at H-O-R-S-E.

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