The Ultimate Cheerleader Showdown: Campus Clicks

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The Ultimate Cheerleader Showdown

Former SIOC Cheerleaders of the Week Kelsi, Stephanie and Lisa. :: Peter R. Schlitt : Bruce Yeung

It's a proud day here at SIOC. We're thrilled to see eight of our finest former Cheerleaders of the Week squaring off in CO-ED's 2008 Cheerleader Showdown Championship. We're going to abstain from voting -- it'd be like picking our favorite child (a slightly creepy analogy, we admit) or our favorite Harry Potter book (do-able, but an uncomfortable and guilt-inducing experience) -- but we implore you to pick your favorite pompoms and cast your vote accordingly.

No Roadblocks Here

Here's a nugget that'll really put this bowl season into perspective: Six teams earned bowl berths without beating a winning I-A team. From that fact, it was only a hop, skip and very short jump to The Wiz of Odds' post on the teams that had the easiest paths to the postseason.

An Icy Greeting

In our time covering the college scene, we've heard of all sorts of unsavory fraternity hazing rituals. Coating pledges in honey and syrup, forcing them to chug ungodly amounts of illicit liquids, even encouraging them to participate in the dreaded "elephant walk." But branding them with dry ice? Now that's just cruel.

Otto's Army Is Pretty Good, Right?

Indiana fans dress to impress, but they could use a better student section name. :: David E. Klutho/SI

'Tis the season, and instead of heaping unnecessary praise everyone's way, Ghosts of Wayne Fontes has decided to play Scrooge. The subject of its wrath? You -- or your student section names, to be exact. As far as GWF is concerned, there's only one good student section name out there (we're inclined to disagree, but alas...), and that's Louisville's The L Raisers. After that, it goes from bad to worse. The Zou? A missed opportunity to utilize jive (think: Mizzou Hizzou). The Paint Crew? A shell of its former self (remember the Gene Pool days). The Crimson Crazies? A blatant display of lacking creativity and thievery (don't tell GWF you've never heard of the Cameron Crazies, IU).

The Numbers Don't Lie

Not all of us root for schools that consistently lure top-tier recruits. And so, we like to believe that it's the size of our team's heart, and not the number of four- and five-star recruits on the roster, that predicts BCS success. But just because we like to believe it, doesn't mean it's true.

Another King Cannon Appearance

Yes, Woody Payne is on the college basketball All Name Team.

It Fuels The Brain

All along, critical parents and authority figures have associated heavy alcohol use with slacking, unfulfilled potential and general uselessness. Turns out, however, that there's a correlation between a high IQ and a predilection for alcohol. Put that in your Ivy League seal emblazoned pipe and smoke it.

Take That, Andy Katz

Apparently Bob Huggins think he's once again in the position to talk smack.

Pop Culture Nugget

Shocker: Megan Fox is one of the sexiest women alive.

Today In Hot Clicks

Yvonne Strahovski :: David Livingston/Getty Images

A gift for readers ... Bad gifts for sports fans ... Incredible full-court basketball shots ... Hottest new sports babes ... Best viral videos ... Video: Pennington returns ... Holiday Divas.

Odds and Ends

From NBA guard to Baylor student manager ... Close, but no cigar ... Britt Barefoot was born to be a kicker ... Rich Ellerson wants to help you be all that you can be.

The Hoff Sings, Speaks

Better late than never: David Hasselhoff's rendition of the National Anthem at Saturday's Las Vegas Bowl, interlaced with comments from his post-performance interview such as, "People appreciate me, you know?" Yeah, we know.

Use The Force

We'd be more impressed if this hadn't taken three attempts.

Use The Force - Watch more Free Videos

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