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A Christmas Wish

'Tis the season, when even enemies can unite. :: Jeffery A. Salter/SI (SIOC added the mistletoe)

Welcome to Campus Clicks, where we're lighting the menorah, stringing the Christmas lights and reciting the seven Kwanzaa principles. 'Tis the season, kids, and we've never felt so close to you all, or to the folks at Rush the Court. Why? Because they had but a handful of holiday wishes, and spent one of them on Eric Devendorf and 'Cuse hoops. Now that's a holiday initiative we can really get behind. Frankly, we can get behind wish No. 1, too. There's no place for Devils, blue or otherwise, during the holiday season (though there's always room for a little Duke-UNC love).

On The First Day of Christmas...

Like many of you, the folks at Boosh are taking some time off for the holidays. But before disappearing into a sea of holly, snowflakes and wrapping paper, they crafted you all a little Christmas tune. If you're a recovering alcoholic or a staunch MADD or SADD member, you probably shouldn't rush to put The 12 Days of Christmas -- Boosh Style on your iPod.

Go Elf Yourself

Generally, you don't hear the phrase "go *blank* yourself," in civilized conversation. But that's what's so darn great about the holidays. OTR would like to remind you that you can tell anyone and everyone to "go Elf yourself!" and smile kindly and genuinely while doing so. And trust us, this Elfing business is fun. Shockingly and inexplicably fun, but fun nonetheless.

Bad Santa

Motorcycle Santa didn't make the "Bad Santa" list. :: AP

Few things will dampen your holiday spirits quite like a run-in with a lame mall Santa. With that in mind, we should all thank NextRound for this photographic guide to the 12 worst types of mall Santas you might see. We agree that Bad With Kids Santa, Lame Fake Beard Santa and Sneak-a-Drink Santa all stink, but Skinny Santa? That's just unforgivable.

Decked In The Halls

For some, true holiday joy comes from seeing good things happen to others, loved ones and strangers alike. For others, though, holiday joy comes from knowing that as bad as their year was, others had it worse. To the latter group, we give you Break's compilation video of the best fails of 2008. No need to return the favor. We're part of the former group, so your joy is our joy.

Actually, We Have One Request

If you insist on buying us a present, though, we'll take a BCS title game luxury box.

You Could Always Look For An Intership

We remember all too well the joy that only winter break can bring. It's just long enough to really rest up and catch up on all you've been meaning to do (unlike spring break), but it's just short enough that there's no pressure to, say, get a job (unlike summer break). It is, in short, perfect. You've probably got a pretty good sense of how you want to spend the time (read: you're probably got a pretty good sense of how to convince your parents you're doing something productive while actually spending all your time sleeping and watching sports), but just in case you're desperate for some new winter break activities, Campus Grotto's here to help.

Grind Those Gears

If you're still looking for the perfect gift for that reclusive couch potato in your life (or for yourself) be sure to check out SI.com's Game Room Holiday Gift Guide.

Pop Culture Nugget

Scarlett Johansson is our favorite celebrity Santa. Who's yours?

Today In Hot Clicks

Lisa Degen :: Courtesy of lisadergen.com

Teixeira's wife has nothing on Swisher's woman ... Chinese girl has a basketball for legs (seriously) ... Lingerie football tryouts ... Top Tattle Tales ... The worst sports memorabilia ever created.

Odds and Ends

This holiday season, we're grateful for: The Cal naked library run (yes, there are really naked people in this video ... you've been warned) ... Butch Davis' tire-changing abilities ... College basketball's unbeatens ... Daily bracketology.

Happy Festivus

Remember, kids, if Christmas or Hanukkah aren't for you, there's always Festivus.

To All Our Jewish Friends

Yes, this video's two years old. And yes, it features NBA players, not college players. But we wanted to share it with you nonetheless, because it's just that great.

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