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Teixeira Who? We Love Scott Podsednik

Lisa Degen :: Courtesy of

Jimmy is off today trying to find a way for the Yankees to eliminate A-Rod so they have a chance of winning the World Series. Meanwhile, we tried to find a new spin on the Mark Teixeira acquisition and we figured we'd do what Hot Clicks does best -- check out his hot wife. But our search stalled when we came upon pics of the ridiculously hot Lisa Dergen, wife of Scott Podsednik. And she's just one of many ridiculously hot wives and girlfriends of baseball players.
(Editor's Note -- earlier in the day we had this pic of (what we thought was) Nick Swisher's wife, Danielle Gamba up in this spot. We received an email from one of Swisher's representatives informing us that two two have never met and definitely aren't married. Our apologies for the mixup).

Seeing is Believing

We're not sure what to make of this story, but a Chinese girl, who had her legs amputated at the age of three and replaced with a basketball (yes, a basketball), is trying to make it as a swimmer at the 2012 Paralympics in London.

Football Done Right

The Atlanta Steam of the Lingerie Football League held their first round of tryouts on Saturday -- and here are the pics. If that wasn't enough lingerie football to get you through the holidays, here are some more pics ... and here are even more.

Tattle Tales

Jose Canseco :: AP

In honor of W. Mark Felt (a.k.a. -- Deep Throat), who died last week at age 95, Hugging Harold Reynolds presents the Top 10 biggest snitches in sports.

The Best $148,239 Seat in the House

Busted Coverage discovered one of the best holiday presents a wife can give her college football-loving man ... if she has $148,239 lying around. For just under $150K, a luxury box for the BCS Championship Game at Dolphin Stadium can be yours.

What is the Worst Sports Memorabilia You Own?

Is it this horrendous Doritos-David Robinson float? Judge for yourself as The Steady Burn checks out some awful merchandise.

Random Sports Links

The WWE divas look pretty good in their Christmas outfits ... This soccer player wants to become a porn star ... This time lapse video shows how Wrigley Field is being transformed into a hockey arena for the New Year's Day matchup between the Red Wings and Blackhawks ... What did Tom Bradybuy Gisele for Christmas?

Random Non-Sports Links

Marisa Tomei is dating Trey from The O.C. ... Are you a beer snob? ... Here is another reason to hate Paris Hilton ... Spike has the Top 7 most miscast movie roles ... A Massachusetts man accidentally set his house on fire while melting ice with a blowtorch.

Today's 2009 Calendar

Wizard Girls

Washington may be struggling on the hardwood, but who cares? Look at the Wizard Girls! (thanks to Danny Z. for the tip)

Great Video On Facebook

For at look at just how enjoyable fantasy football is to some men, check out our Hot Clicks Facebook Group.

Campus Clicks

Duke and UNC know 'tis the season. :: Jeffrey A. Salter/SI

Basketball wishes during this holiday season ... 'The 12 Days of Christmas -- Boosh Style' ... Guide to the 12 worst kinds of mall Santas ... Video: 'Seinfeld' teaches us about Festivus.

Detroit Lions Fan Video Of The Day

The long nightmare known as the 2008 NFL season is almost over, Detroit.

LeBron/Cindy Lauper Video of the Day

Who knew the King was such an '80s fan?

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