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A Time For Giving

Eric Devendorf learned how important it is to give. :: AP

Everyone's charitable side seems to emerge this time of year. Perhaps it's the holiday spirit and festive cheer in the air. Or perhaps it's the prospect of never playing college basketball again. In Eric Devendorf's case, it might be the latter. The Syracuse guard spent much of last week at the Syracuse Rescue Mission, washing dishes and learning about those less fortunate. Devendorf completed the requisite 40 hours of community service and he could suit up against Seton Hall tomorrow night. I can't wait to hear him drop his new catchphrase upon draining a three. "Nothing but hairnet."

I'd Like to Order a Half-Ton of Onions

One benefit of playing in the Outback Bowl is that the pre-game team dinner is better than, say, the dinner at the PapaJohns.com Bowl. At this year's annual feast Iowa and South Carolina players dined on 750 pounds of steak, 200 pounds of green beans, 900 pounds of ribs, 950 pounds of Bloomin' Onions, and 1,300 pounds of cheesecake. The weight of the toilet paper required for post-meal activities was not disclosed.

Get Me On the Next Train Out of Ames

Charles Barkley can take solace in knowing that Gene Chizik really wanted the Auburn job. How bad did he want it? Bad enough to offer Auburn $400,000 from his own salary to pay for assistant coaches. It all worked out well for Gus Malzahn.

Think Before You Pose

Taking a picture with Dickie V is always an adventure :: Bob Rosato/SI

Click. The photograph has been taken and you immediately wish it hadn't. It's a situation nobody has figured out how to avoid (despite the best work of our top scientists.) Fortunately, Sloshspot has a friendly reminder of 11 kinds of drunk photos you do not want to appear in. Not included is type No. 12: "Drunken Dicky V photos."

BCS Bounty

Fox and FedEx aren't the only ones cashing in on the BCS Title Game. Oklahoma coach Bob Stoops stands to take home a $250,000 bonus if the Sooners defeats Florida. (He only gets $150,000 if Oklahoma loses.) Of course I'll also earn $250,000 if Oklahoma wins (assuming I find a bookie who'll take a quarter-million dollar bet without checking my credit.)

They'll Put Anything On A T-shirt These Days

As college basketball conference play hits its stride teams will turn to their raucous student sections for a boost. Unfortunately, many sections have monikers that don't quite match their fury and intensity. The Ghosts of Wayne Fontes takes a look at the dumbest names for fan sections.

Ray Guy Would Be Proud

We'll look back on 2008 as the year the ultimate glass ceiling was broken. Not because of anything done by Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama, but because of the accomplishments of Florida State kicker/punter Graham Gano. On Saturday night Gano's precision punting earned him the Champs Sports Bowl MVP award. In the process the lives of all aspiring collegiate punters were changed forever.

Cloudy With a Chance of Blizzard

Louisiana Tech hung on to beat Northern Illinois in last night's Independence Bowl, but EDSBS takes a moment to remember the 2000 game, one of the greatest meaningless bowl games of all time.

Pop Culture Nugget

It's official. The tiff between Kim Kardashian and Courtney Love is now a full blown feud.

Today In Hot Clicks

Gisele Bunschen, Tom Brady :: Andrew H. Walker/Getty Images

Did Tom and Gisele tie the knot? The Lions have some company in misery ... The NBA leaves Sanrtas a little red-faced ... When referees strike back ... Anna Rawson is waiting for your call ... Cheerleaders gone wild.

Odds and Ends

The tight ship Coach K is running isn't as tight as it used to be ... Being a non-BCS school in a BCS Bowl can have it's downsides ... Jai Lucas made up his mind again ... Stick with snow shovels.

Samurai Fun

Learn this trick and you'll be the toast of your new year's party

Hooray For Donovan

Let's be thankful we get treated to another week of Eagles fans.

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