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Aloha Means Goodbye

Tori Praver: Stewart Shining/Sports Illustrated

Well, the NFL has finally confirmed what's Peter King first reported a month ago: the Pro Bowl will move to the site of the Super Bowl in 2010 (Miami) and be played one week before Super Sunday. It's a sad day indeed for those who were essentially given paid vacations in Honolulu after the season and could sip Mai Tais on the beach before and after "practice." Anyway, in honor of the NFL leaving Honolulu, check out Hawaii native Tori Praverposing in her hometown during last year's SI Swimsuit shoot.

New Year's Resolutions

This is the time of year that most people resolve to get in shape, eat better, stop smoking or, in the case of Stephon Marbury, continue doing nothing while collecting $20 million worth of paychecks. Courtesy of The Bleacher Report, here are New Year's resolutions from some of the athletes and coaches who made headlines in 2008.

Smash and Dash Trash LenDale

If you miss those cheesy campaign ads that hype one candidate while smearing another, you'll love this gem courtesy of the Carolina Panthers tailback tandem of DeAngelo Williams and Jonathan Stewart, who have created a response to LenDale White's bickering over the rights to the "Smash and Dash" nickname. (Thanks to Mike and Josh in Charlotte.)

Joe Who?

Fili Moala: Icon SMI

Apparently, being a USC football player doesn't require much knowledge outside of what's in your playbook. After the Trojans devoured pounds of free prime rib and creamed corn at the annual Lawry's Beef Bowl, TMZ cameras caught up with several of them and asked them what they thought of Vice President-elect Joe Biden. Amazingly, most had never heard of Barack Obama's runningmate. The best response came from All-America defensive tackle Fili Moala, who said, "Who? Who's that?" When told that Biden was the next VP, Moala replied, "Of what? Lawry's?"

The Horror, The Horror

If you like reliving other people's nightmares, you'll enjoy this weekly diary put together by Lions fan Ryan Terpstra that chronicles the second half of his team's epic 0-16 season. The best line from the final loss came moments after Aaron Rodgers threw a 71-yard touchdown pass to Donald Driver that crushed Detroit's dream of a 1-15 season at 3:53 p.m. on Sunday: "NOOOOOOO!!! ANYTHING BUT THAT!!! WHY??? WHY US?!! NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!"

A Pigskin On His Back

No one knows if Brett Favre has really and truly played his last NFL game yet -- not even Favre himself. East Coast Bias, for one, thinks Favre will come back next season because he's addicted to the game and can't kick the habit even if he wants to.

Today's Celebrity Birthday Invite

Natalie Gulbis: AP

Yesterday, I gave you Anna Rawson's phone number. Today, I give you another opportunity to connect with a golfing beauty on a more personal level. Natalie Gulbis is having a birthday at the Wynn in Las Vegas on Jan. 6 at 9 p.m. and you're invited. Yes you. If you can't make it out to stalk, er, see Natalie in person, keep up with her on her Twitter page.

The Streaking Linebacker

Normally, the thought of nude photos of a Tampa Bay linebacker doesn't intrigue me -- no offense, Derrick Brooks. But it's a different matter entirely if the linebacker's name is Melissa Joe Berry and she plays linebacker for the Tampa Bay Breeze of Lingerie Football League. Berry's ex, Mark Dawson, a Tampa-based relationship expert, snapped some shots of Berry while they were together and decided to put them on the net. Now she's suing him. Gee, I wonder what kind of advice Dawson actually gives as a "relationship expert."

A Real Prize

Remember when we told you about CoEd Magazine's Cheerleader Showdown? Well, the voting has ended and the winner is Whitney McMillan of Old Dominion University, who edged out Oregon's Kelsi Metzler for the prize. I'm not sure what the winner gets besides hundreds of strange friend requests on Facebook, but we extend our congratulations to Whitney nevertheless.

Campus Clicks

Andre Smith broke one of college sports' cardinal rules.: Derick Hingle/Icon SMI

Alabama tackle Andre Smith can't keep his holiday pie-hole closed around agents ... Trivial history lesson ... World's Hottest iPhone App ... Video: Middle of the Middle of Nowhere.

A Trip to the Woodshed

Ryan Parker is at it again with a little ditty about the Cowboys being pummeled in Philadelphia as the Eagles gave them their worst beatdown in 20 years and sent them on an early winter vacation.

Year's Best Mash-up

If your time is short and your attention span is even shorter and you want to hear Billboard's Top 25 Hits of 2008, check out this amazing mash-up.

A True Gaming Expert

I thought I knew a thing or two about video games, but I have nothing on this one-year-old girl.

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